The Advantages of Using a Buyer’s Agent to Purchase Property

You may ask the question, ‘Why should I use a buyer’s agent help me find a home?’ Many people including ourselves understand you probably are saying to yourself, ‘Can’t I just buy a home myself?’.

Without our help, buying a new home or property might just be a headache, as there are usually many problems when buying property. These problems might involve legalities that might be difficult to understand, especially if you do not have experience in the area. This is just one of the areas where we can offer help.

We tailor a service around your needs to get you the perfect home. As a buyer’s agent, we have assisted with countless property searches and purchases, so we understand that everyone has different needs. This is reflected in our service where we work hard to deliver to individual clients’ situations.

Not only will we provide you help in finding a new home, we will assist you with great quality of work and reliability, making your experience the best it can be, with top notch customer service.

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Reasons to choose a Buyer’s Agent

They help to find dream homes for you – House Sourcing

One of the main reasons people use a buyer agent is to get help find their dream home. Most people don’t know how to find the perfect home for them and it can be easy to pass over a perfect property. Property buyers work closely with estate agents to find homes that are suited towards to their clients. They would then gain a shortlist of potential homes for their client.

Here at Eldron, we are no different. We help source many homes for our clients. It is our aim to go out of our way to find properties with more than what you want. We aim to hit the high notes! With much experience in top estate agent positions, we at Eldron know the ins and outs of the industry. So you can never put your trust in a more qualified company with great qualified employees.

They can assist you in buying your home – Viewings are sorted

Buyer’s agents also assist you in the whole process of finding a home and setting up viewings between clients and home owners. We understand that you all live busy lives and the whole process can be overwhelming. So you never have to worry. To make this work, property buyers work around the needs of their client.

At Eldron we expect to give you the best quality of service. We just need to know your schedule of working times and we will establish viewing days for properties.

Help with the negotiations – no need to worry

Negotiations can be one of the toughest parts of the whole purchasing process. Buyer’s agents help you in this part of the process. You may feel awkward about negotiating, so they can submit bids on your behalf.

Here at Eldron we also help with this process, in fact we will help decide your offer. We know the industry and know what properties are worth. If we think a property is too expensive, we will let you know. But at the end of the day if its perfect for you, then you may feel inclined to offer the asking price or even more. Your part of the whole negotiating process is agreeing to the price.

Relocation assistance, due-diligence

Buyer’s agents can also give advice about the surrounding area of the properties, relocation advice, continued throughout the whole process. It is like completing a due-diligence. We don’t want our clients realising there’s a problem once they settle in to their new home. For instance if you have children, we will source nearby schools, colleges and universities and give all the information to you.

Reasons to Choose Eldron as a Buyer’s Agent

At Eldron we do all the above, plus more! We will make sure you will receive the best service you ever can when buying a new home/property.

If you live outside of Ireland, we can arrange to collect the keys to your new property on your behalf. We carry out a complete evaluation of the property, to let you understand the right pricing for the property, and if it has any problems. We work around your needs, and do as much or as little as is required.

If you are interested in our services, why not book a consultation to see if we are the right buyer’s agent for you? You can also see some of our previous clients’ purchases on our Instagram page.

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