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Buying a property in Belfast but wish it could be easier? Discover how to save time and potentially money on your next move by passing the hard work to a leading buyer’s agent. Our trusted service will find and present the right properties for you PLUS negotiate the best possible price and arrange the buying process, including any repairs or upgrades. 

In short: imagine a local property specialist who represents YOU…and takes the hard work out of making a new home happen for you.

The local knowledge, industry expertise and negotiating skills of an Eldron buyer’s agent, combined with their management of the purchase process on your behalf, has changed the  process of home-buying beyond recognition.




Your buyer’s agent will react to your specific requirements by researching, understanding and explaining vital information about a potential area. Details such as price trends, local amenities and much more can be provided to make sure you’re informed and confident about your potential new home and community.



An initial discussion with a local property specialist will draw up a plan to match the right properties with the right budget by advising on the best way to achieve priorities like location, size and local facilities. This starts the process of being kept fully informed and supported through every stage of the purchase.



A buyer’s agent helps reduce wasted viewings by making sure the properties chosen for viewings have genuine potential and will meet your needs. Local knowledge and property know-how is used to understand the pros and cons of a property and area before viewing takes place.



The process of negotiating the best price, property inspections, repairs, dealing with solicitors and even lenders can add hard work to the task of relocating…not with Eldron. Our experienced buyer’s agents will manage the steps needed to make moving-in day a reality. Leaving you free to concentrate on your new life in a new city.

Our Belfast buyer’s agent will go above and beyond to help you through your purchase, from start to finish. Expert support, know-how and regular updates make your move an easier experience for your lifestyle and budget.


Buying a House in Belfast – A Change You Need to Know About  

Buying a house in Belfast? A huge change in the local property market means a new service designed to reduce the time-pressure, stress and even cost involved in a purchase is now available in Northern Ireland. 

Demand for the Eldron ‘buyer’s agent’ service, which provides a local expert to organise and guide the buyer through the searching, viewing, inspection, negotiation AND legal stages, led to the company expanding from its base in Dublin to Corkand now Belfast. 

A buyer’s agent is essentially a manager and adviser who’ll work on YOUR behalf, not on behalf of the seller or their estate agent, and can even make your budget stretch further by using their market knowledge to negotiate a property’s best possible price. 

Your Eldron agent can also organise any work needed on the property and – all in all – deliver a ‘VIP’ house buying experience in Belfast for a cost much lower than you’d expect. 

Compared to the ‘traditional’ buying process, the benefits to your time (and pocket!) begin from the first call and continue right up until you open the door to your new home. 

Property Buying Problems Solved – MUCH More Than ‘Property Sourcing’ 

This change in the local property market means home buying can be a VERY different experience from the time-consuming and stressful purchases you may have been involved in until now. You might have been aware of ‘property sourcing’ in Belfast, however the newly-arrived Eldron buyer’s agent service represents much, much more than simply finding your home. 

To explain how a buyer’s agent can help, we asked a couple – Conor and Elle – who recently bought a home locally about their experience with the traditional method of buying. 

Finding Your Home 

The traditional method: “We spent weeks and weeks of evenings and weekends looking at houses. We’d either find a ‘deal breaker’ problem with the property or, worse, discover that the seller has no other house to move to and didn’t have any idea at all of when they’ve be able to move. This didn’t suit our plans. 

“We found that the photos of a house didn’t give a good idea of what a property was really like in real life and found that some properties were full of both good and bad surprises when we went to see them in person”.

Using a buyer’s agent: Working with a buyer’s agent who has extensive knowledge of property, local areas and the property market means an adviser from the beginning who can listen to your needs, shortlist only the most suitable properties, arrange viewings and help find the pros and cons of each. 

This means much less time wasted on ‘dead end’ viewings, less time spend on calls to estate agents (your buyer’s agent can handle this), and an expert eye looking out for your interests. 

Negotiating Your Home 

The traditional method: “We tried to avoid the ‘guessing game’ of finding the right price by simply offering the asking price if we thought it was fair. Ultimately, our time is valuable to us and spending days bouncing back and forward in negotiating over what would only be a few pounds per month on the mortgage just wasn’t for us.

“This does mean that we don’t know if we could have saved through better negotiation.”

Using a buyer’s agent: The uncertainty, ‘leg work’ and even emotion is removed from the negotiating process with a buyer’s agent as your consultant will advise and handle this part of the sale with the aim of securing the best price on your behalf. 

While you’ll have found your ‘must buy’ home, an Eldron buyer’s agent in Belfast will be focussed on the facts about the property, their own expertise in the local property market and the more emotionally neutral task of securing the best possible price. 

Adapting Your Home

The traditional method: “We previously wasted three months on buying a new-build as the mortgage company valuer and builder couldn’t agree on the value we’d discussed for the property.

“We’d also spend countless hours researching changes we wanted to the house and got caught in a circle of constant calls between the estate agent, mortgage broker, builder and suppliers to try to resolve the issue.” 

Using a buyer’s agent: A buyer’s agent will help arrange any property inspections needed, organise any property certificates PLUS make work needed on the house or flat happen on your behalf. 

A house buying process CAN become complicated and involve a large number of companies, creating a stressful situation for buyers. 

That’s why an Eldron buyer’s agent sits at the centre of the process, on your behalf, to make sure you have an expert ‘in your corner’ to help smooth out any issues. 

Conveyancing of Your Home 

The traditional method: “For the home we did buy, we faced a Christmas deadline to move. We ended up being the point of contact for our buyer and the person selling to us, and working hard to try to understand where each step was in the whole thing, as everyone was often in the dark about where things sat with the legal process. 

“While we were lucky, communication from solicitors elsewhere in the chain was poor and at times extremely slow. We ended up resolving problems like missing certificates and contracts taking days to move from one office to another ourselves.

“Due to needing to be moved before the Christmas office closures, we often felt like we were managing the whole process for everyone in the chain and filling in for everyone when people in the legal process weren’t communicating.

“For this reason alone, having someone working to help us would have saved so much stress and dozens phone calls across weeks and weeks.” 

Using a buyer’s agent: The conveyancing process can be difficult for buyer’s as uncertain timescales, endless red tape and legal issues can make planning a move more difficult than it needs to be. 

With a buyer’s agent ‘in your corner’, advice and support are matched with buying process know-how and local industry contacts to take as much of the sting out of this stage as possible. 

Instead of feeling like a lone voice working to get a purchase over the line, having a specialist to manage this final and vital stage can leave you free to enjoy planning your new life.

All in all, finding out more about the service a buyer’s agent can now provide is now an essential BEFORE you begin house-hunting. 

Also, if you’re relocating to Northern Ireland Eldron’s service can be even more valuable. 

To find out how Eldron can make your new home happen, in an entirely new way, just ask! 

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