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Buying property in Cork but wish it could be easier? Discover how to save time and potentially money on your next move by passing the hard work to a leading buyer’s agent. Our trusted service will find and present the right properties for you PLUS negotiate the best possible price and arrange the buying process, including any repairs or upgrades. 

In short: imagine a local property specialist who represents YOU…and takes the hard work out of making a new home happen for you.

The local knowledge, industry expertise and negotiating skills of an Eldron buyer’s agent, combined with their management of the purchase process on your behalf, has changed the  process of home-buying beyond recognition.




Your buyer’s agent will react to your specific requirements by researching, understanding and explaining vital information about a potential area. Details such as price trends, local amenities and much more can be provided to make sure you’re informed and confident about your potential new home and community.



An initial discussion with a local property specialist will draw up a plan to match the right properties with the right budget by advising on the best way to achieve priorities like location, size and local facilities. This starts the process of being kept fully informed and supported through every stage of the purchase.



A buyer’s agent helps reduce wasted viewings by making sure the properties chosen for viewings have genuine potential and will meet your needs. Local knowledge and property know-how is used to understand the pros and cons of a property and area before viewing takes place.



The process of negotiating the best price, property inspections, repairs, dealing with solicitors and even lenders can add hard work to the task of relocating…not with Eldron. Our experienced buyer’s agents will manage the steps needed to make moving-in day a reality. Leaving you free to concentrate on your new life in a new city.

Our Cork buyer’s agent will go above and beyond to help you through your purchase, from start to finish. Expert support, know-how and regular updates make your move an easier experience for your lifestyle and budget.  


Why Buy Property in Cork? (and Why You Should Use a Buyer’s Agent in Cork)  

Why use a buyer’s agent in Cork? A new home in Cork can mean a superb combination of value and lifestyle for many people. That’s why the services of buyer’s agent have become more valuable than ever. 

A number of factors, such as strong interest from those deterred from buying in Dublin by high prices, have made Cork a great choice. In fact, rising demand alone has made ‘smarter buying’ through a buyer’s agent into an essential consideration. 

A buyer’s agent will help make the most of the market by combining local knowledge, property industry know-how and hard-working representation to make a purchase easier, more informed AND potentially cheaper too through professional negotiation on the buyer’s behalf. 

While some services may be limited to being solely a ‘property buying agent’ or a ‘buyer’s broker’, in the case of Eldron – a leading buyer’s agent – the help offered can go much further, from the start of the process to the final move. 

The company can help with shortlisting (based entirely on your specific needs), arrange viewings, lead the negotiations and liaise with third parties such as property certificate organisations and solicitors to simply make the right purchase happen. 

In fact, Eldron has expanded from their Dublin base to meet demand (and have also taken their services to Belfast, a city experiencing also experiencing a great deal of interest from buyers). 

This is just one of the reasons Lonely Planet discovered that “Ireland’s second city is first in every important respect”.

Here’s why: “It’s a liberal, youthful and cosmopolitan place that was badly hit by economic recession but is now busily reinventing itself with spruced-up streets, revitalised stretches of waterfront, and – seemingly – an artisan coffee bar on every corner.  

“There’s a bit of a hipster scene, but the best of the city is still happily traditional – snug pubs with live-music sessions, restaurants dishing up top-quality local produce, and a genuinely proud welcome from the locals” 

But why consider Cork for your new home?  

We asked our own local Eldron property experts to add their insights: 

Make your budget stretch further: A recent Irish Times feature explains that your budget could buy much more in Cork compared to – say – Dublin.  

“There’s greater value in buying a house in Cork than in Dublin. According to our Property Report Q3 2018, the average asking price for a three-bed semi in Dublin is €315,000, 34 per cent more than Cork’s average price of €235,000”.

Of course, using a buyer’s agent in Cork to negotiate on your behalf means their local knowledge, contacts and expertise can be used to secure the best possible price…making your budget work even harder for you. 

Top employers, plentiful opportunities: A host of global corporate names, such as Apple, Dell and many more, can offer the benefits of a large job market with the monthly outgoings of a smaller city. 

Families too, will find much to appreciate, with a range of great schools on-hand and a plentiful supply of activities suitable for all ages. 

Big city life…without the big city drawbacks: Not only is Cork city rich with celebrated attractions and architecture to savour, but with lower living costs and a smaller city you’ll find daily life and enjoying the city can be easier. 

Plus, your weekends will be closer to globally-celebrated locations such as Blarney Castle AND the stunning towns and villages in County Cork too, including breaktaking coastal views.  

After all: a smaller city means more variety, close to hand and easier to access. 

A festival city with culture at its heart: From world-class pubs to host of great festivals and a thriving arts scene in between, you’ll find more to enjoy than there are hours in the day. 

Oh, and Cork is famous for being friendly too; the world’s third friendliest city according to one poll! 

Condé Nast Traveller praised Cork’s “picturesque, riverfront location” and “cozy pubs and beer gardens where you can enjoy the outdoors while sharing a table with friendly locals”. 

The outdoor life on your doorstep: Living in a city doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoor life. 

You’ll find golf, surfing and much much more, easy to reach and easy to enjoy: meaning your urban life doesn’t come at the cost of enjoying adventure sports and the varied Irish countryside. 

When you’ve worked up an appetite (or thirst!) Ireland’s famous homegrown and artisan produce industry is, of course, evident in Cork and there to be savoured.

*For more information about relocating to Ireland see here.

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