Eldron Property is a Buyer’s Agent who is available to advise, support and act on your behalf as your independent property expert in searching, negotiating, buying or property management in Dublin or across Ireland.

If you are looking for a home or investment property in Ireland, the market is difficult to navigate and is set up to benefit the seller. We are here to give you back the power in the purchasing process, and help you find the perfect property at the right time, in the right location and the right price.

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What is a Buyers’ Agent?

A Buyer’s Agent is an agent who works on behalf of home buyers and investors to source, negotiate and purchase properties. We are here to guide you towards buying the right house, in the right area, at the right price.

If you’re buying a home or an investment property, the investment can be considerable. Smart buyers will use all the available information and support available to ensure they make the best decision for long term growth and return on investment. Eldron’s Buyers’ Agent services will support you to help find the right property and maximise your investment.

Benefits of engaging with a Buyers’ Agent include:

  • Improved Knowledge In The Local Property Market Via Eldron
  • A Property Professional Representing Your Best Interests
  • Reduced Risk Of Emotional Decision Making
  • Saves Valuable Time
  • Secure The Best Investment Possible
  • Much Quicker Purchase Process
  • Fact Based Decision Making