Property Investors Ireland

Making an investment

The Irish property market has long been a good bet for rentals, second homes and overseas investments. Nevertheless, in a complex market the decisions you make can be the difference between a moderate return and a great one.

 At Eldron we will act on your behalf to analyse, source and negotiate the best property investment for you. We aim to take the time and pressures of a property search off your hands with an independent, knowledgeable and reliable service which delivers results.

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Our starting point is market analysis – insights on rental yield, capital gain and positive cash flow to focus decision-making on your financial objectives. We will provide you with impartial advice on the best locations for capital growth and whether apartments or houses provide the best equity gain. Our local expertise and connections mean we have access to all the on and and off market property options available, saving you precious time when it comes to research and a shortlist.

Eldron and international property buying

When you are ready to make an offer we can conduct all the negotiations and settlement on your behalf following a pre-agreed bidding strategy – this is particularly valuable if you are based overseas. By working with an independent property buyer you can make decisions based on expert, local advice and give yourself the best chance of a successful, lucrative investment.