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Relocating to Belfast but wish it could be easier? Discover how to save time and potentially money on your next move by passing the hard work to a leading buyer’s agent. Our trusted service will find and present the right properties for you PLUS negotiate the best possible price and arrange the buying process, including any repairs or upgrades.

In short: imagine a local property specialist who represents YOU…and takes the hard work out of moving to Ireland.

The local knowledge, industry expertise and negotiating skills of an Eldron buyer’s agent, combined with their management of the purchase process on your behalf, has changed the  process of home-buying beyond recognition.




Your buyer’s agent will react to your specific requirements by researching, understanding and explaining vital information about a potential area. Details such as price trends, local amenities and much more can be provided to make sure you’re informed and confident about your potential new home and community.



An initial discussion with a local property specialist will draw up a plan to match the right properties with the right budget by advising on the best way to achieve priorities like location, size and local facilities. This starts the process of being kept fully informed and supported through every stage of the purchase.



A buyer’s agent helps reduce wasted viewings by making sure the properties chosen for viewings have genuine potential and will meet your needs. Local knowledge and property know-how is used to understand the pros and cons of a property and area before viewing takes place.



The process of negotiating the best price, property inspections, repairs, dealing with solicitors and even lenders can add hard work to the task of relocating…not with Eldron. Our experienced buyer’s agents will manage the steps needed to make moving-in day a reality. Leaving you free to concentrate on your new life in a new city.

Our Belfast buyer’s agent will go above and beyond to help you through your purchase, from start to finish. Expert support, know-how and regular updates make your move an easier experience for your lifestyle and budget.


Relocating to Belfast – Some Expert Pros and Cons 

Relocating to Belfast? We can definitely offer some insider advice…because that’s exactly what we did!

Expanding our Dublin HQ to open our own Belfast office meant an opportunity to bring our buyer’s agent service, which has helped clients into almost £27m worth of property, into Northern Ireland. 

This means we can give an expert view of the pros and cons of a new life in this vibrant, rapidly growing city. 

But first: what is a buyer’s agency? We use local knowledge and property industry know-how to help our clients, by not just finding their perfect home, but organising viewings, negotiating the best price and making the purchase happen. Plus much more besides. 

This means the right advice and practical help to make moving to Belfast easier than ever. 

Living in Northern Ireland – Belfast Pros

Low cost of living: If you’re moving from places including Dublin, GB or even the United States you’ll be struck by the low cost of living in Belfast almost immediately. 

You’ll discover two things…. 

  • Day to day prices: While Belfast city centre has become more expensive, you’ll still stumble on places – especially outside the city – with surprisingly low costs for things like food and drink. Meanwhile, public transport costs into Belfast centre can be spectacularly low compared to other cities. 
  • Government charges: As Northern Ireland loosely falls under UK government systems, hospitals and doctors are free of charge under the ‘National Health Service’. Facilities like government-run gyms and museums are heavily subsidised. See also ‘schools’ below. 

Fast-growing, award-winning city: Northern Ireland, including Belfast, regularly attracts praise from travel magazines and from the tourism sector due to its dramatic city centre changes in the past 20 years. 

The growth of local retail, new tourism destinations, nightlife and atmosphere has been rewarded in recent years by the arrival of cruise ship visitors, the opening of new conference centres and the global recognition of Northern Ireland as a moving and TV filming location. 

Great schools: Northern Ireland boasts a network of first-class ‘grammar’ schools (generally, in broad terms, more focused on academic study) and ‘secondary’ schools (which may have a more practical approach). 

The good news? These schools are almost always free of charge. A small number of grammar schools who charge for places do so at a fee you may find to be extremely low compared to countries such as England or the US. 

Many school students in Northern Ireland continue to study degree courses in cities such as Dublin, London or Edinburgh. Meanwhile, quality universities are available in Northern Ireland itself along with a number of excellent ‘technical colleges’ offering a huge range of further and higher education courses. 

Food and drink gems: An oddity of Belfast and Northern Ireland is found in that the excellence of the local food and drink scene was taken for granted until local produce began to wow visitors. 

From local bread, meat and fish (available to sample in St George’s Market) to a booming restaurant industry, foodies will find much to enjoy. 

A fast-growing local drinks sector, including artisan spirits (gin, vodka and whiskey), also means much of the local tastes you’ll experience are homegrown and of great quality.

Living in Northern Ireland – Belfast Cons  

Rising property costs: Belfast has seen an almost constant arrival of new hotels, student housing providers and city centre eateries to meet the demands of international interest in Belfast as a destination. 

This makes local knowledge in finding the right area for your new home more important than ever. However, using a buyer’s agent – who will advise on and arrange the right property for your needs – will help to source the right property in the right area AND negotiate the right price to take account of Belfast’s ongoing changes and your own needs. 

Traffic and transport: With more people comes more traffic! It’s important to make sure your new home is in the ideal location for the easiest possible route to where you need to be for work, schools and more. 

Belfast city centre now offers a cheap, fast ‘Glider’ express bus system as well as a traditional bus and train network. The train network outside Belfast may also be viable for commuting although may feel limited. All public transport is, however, very low cost. 

Tourist Belfast vs old Belfast: While Belfast has welcomed the arrival of a large number new places to eat, drink and visit, some areas of the city are becoming to feel more tourism-focused. 

However, Belfast is divided into a number of ‘quarters’ such as the Cathedral Quarter (famous for art, bars and culture), the Titanic Quarter (where you’ll find the historic shipyard and acclaimed Titanic Museum). There are large areas of ‘old Belfast’, complete with its original architecture, to enjoy. 

After all, using a buyer’s agent leaves you with more time to explore the different quarters (there are more than four!) of the city to find your own Belfast.

Don’t forget that you’ll have the scenery and experiences of coastal Northern Ireland, not mention world-class destinations like DublinCork and all of GB, on your doorstep.  

Job market (some good and bad news): With a population of just 1.8m, Northern Ireland does – of course – have a smaller job market than surrounding areas. 

This can lead to lower salaries, although this can be offset against the relatively low cost of living.  

Access to the job market in Dublin – a train journey or drive away – and even London are viable options for some types of employment, especially for those who are willing to also use local housing in these areas to benefit from higher pay set against the low costs of living in Northern Ireland. 

At the time of writing, crossing in and out of the UK jurisdiction in Northern Ireland is seamless in practical terms. 

To understand the difference between living within the different tax, health etc systems in Northern Ireland vs the Republic of Ireland see our Relocating to Ireland advice page. 

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