Space-Saving Ideas for a Dublin Property

Make the most of your home with some space-saving ideas for a Dublin property.

Buying a property in Dublin, or any city, can be somewhat disheartening in terms of square-footage for your euro. For many, moving to the city means downsizing – you will more than likely select your property based on things like location, amenities, and transport links, rather than square-footage. Regardless of what size your property is, knowing how to make the most of your space can be invaluable. Here are some great space-saving ideas for a Dublin property…


Corners are arguably one of the least-utilised features of a property. Reclaiming these spaces can make a huge difference in terms of storage, and can be an attractive addition to any small space.

Use your corners to denote different zones to a room…

…or simply maximise their storage potential!


You make think that you are a master at using your property’s storage – but are you really making the most of all the space you can?
Under the sink may seem full to the brim with cleaning products, but what about that unused 1/3 at the top?
Add some hanging baskets to make the most of this vertical space:

Cupboard doors can really stretch your storage space. Attach containers to the inside of cupboards to keep toothbrushes, herbs & spices, and more…

Wanting to put a washing machine, tumble dryer, or dishwasher into a small property can be a nightmare. These mod-cons can take up a huge amount of real estate in a small urban property, and (unless integrated) can be somewhat of an eye-sore. Nevertheless, they are essential for many people with busy lives, and are necessary addition to lots of properties.

Think outside the box when it comes to places to store these large machines – is there an unused pantry in the kitchen, or built-in wardrobe upstairs?

Your ironing board can easily be tucked away too!

Taking advantage of the storage potential of your staircase is one of the best space-saving ideas for a Dublin property. So many people do not utilise staircases to their full potential, and are losing out on so much dead space as a result!

The internet is a wealth of inspiration for ingenious ways to use the space under the stairs (think office space, not Harry Potter). Check out some of our favourites below:

If you want to see some space-saving ideas for a Dublin property, head to you local IKEA store – or even visit their website. Their Small Spaces section has unusual and brilliant ideas for making the most out of a small space. Our favourite space is the Small Living Room, that uses movable, multipurpose furniture, to maximise the room’s potential for relaxing, entertaining, and working.
The great thing about IKEA is that it is a one-stop shop – you can literally buy entire rooms, no matter what your property needs are.
Beware of the flatpacks, though! Have YouTube on standby in case you get into a fight with the instruction manual…

Use multipurpose furniture to save space. Try having an old trunk as a coffee table – it will double up as a storage unit,and make a nice centre-piece for entertaining.

If you’re short on floor space, make the most of your wall space! Have a bike? Hang it up on the wall…

Double your wardrobe space with tabs from cans…

You can make the most of any space, no matter the size, by thinking outside of the box a little bit…

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