The Advantages of Living in Dublin

Around the city of Dublin there are many advantages to living there. The culture of the city is second to none and the people of the city just add to the homely feel of the city. The locals love the place just as much as any tourists sometimes even more. The city attracts many celebrities to some of its amazing venues. In 2018 Taylor Swift was the first woman to play a concert in Croke Park and for TWO NIGHTS! And you can’t get much bigger than Taylor Swift.

The city is also host to many of the top attractions in Ireland. The Guinness Storehouse is one of the main attractions as well as the Zoo. The zoo is the best zoo on the entire island. There are also many museums around the city.

Other advantages of living in the city include the Education, language of the city, accessibility to the city and a great working city.



The Culture advantages in Dublin

Dublin is a wonderful city of culture. Even if you don’t live near Dublin, it is a must see place to visit, and living here lets you experience the whole city. All the pubs and bars around the entire city make for a great night out. The locals also help you have a great night out, and help you get into the spirit of the city. The rich history of the city is embedded into its culture and welcomes everyone from around the world.

The city is filled with great spots of culture. There are many great museums including the National Museum of Ireland, The National History Museum and the very fun Little Museum of Dublin. Oh, there is also the Wax museum located near the city centre and the Irish Whiskey museum. How could we forget, we the Irish, love our Whiskey.

Live concerts are a piece of the city. From walking the streets of the city centre to small gigs in bars around the city. Dublin is a true musically place, massive artists now want to play here. Whelans music venue in the city is a great spot for local bands and smaller bands who come far and wide. Always expect a mixed range of genre’s here. The 3Arena and Croke park are also great venues for worldwide stars.

Sport is also a keen interest in the Capital. Rugby, Football and Gaelic are the main sports played here, and you can be apart of it too. Dublin is home to Leinster Rugby team, who play in the Aviva stadium. The National Stadium of Ireland.

The Education advantages in Dublin

Dublin also offer great educational services throughout the city. With one of the most recognised Colleges on the Island and this part of Europe, you can only imagine the quality of education there is in this city. Throughout the County of Dublin there are many Primary schools and many more Secondary schools.

Trinity College Dublin is Dublin’s most recognised further education facility. It was founded in 1592, and now has 3 different facilities, offering 25 different schools. Many people from throughout the Island of Ireland would love to be a pupil at this University. It has been ranked as Ireland’s best University and is one of the top Universities around the world. Ranking within the top 100 universities in the world.

The Dublin City University is the Maynooth University is another internationally recognised University on the Island. The University is considerable smaller to others with less than 15,000 students, most of which are undergraduates. Maynooth takes pride in the research of all of their subjects. University College Dublin is another University located in the city and is the largest University on the Island, with over 30k students from all the corners of the world. Much like other institutions in Ireland, University Collage Dublin is ranked within the top 1% of higher institutions world-wide. The University is also very well connected world-wide with over 400 exchange partners world-wide also.

Dublin City University is another great University in Dublin. Overall the Uni has four faculties with over 20 different schools. Meaning there would be something for everyone.


Activities in Dublin- Guinness

Activities in Dublin

Around the City there are many different types of activities you can get upto. There are different activities for everyone, adults, children and families a like. The city is great for sports lovers and for people who want to get away for a weekend or even an hour after or during work. The various parks around the city make for great walks for a few hours.

The Guinness storehouse and the Jamesons whiskey museum are great activities for adults. At the Guinness storehouse you can experience pulling a great Guinness pint at one of the two bars available. You will leave the experience being an expert in the Guinness story. You can get a very similar experience at the Jamesons museum.

The zoo is great for all the family. It makes for a great day out as the zoo has many different habitats and is visually beautiful. With the main attraction being the large cats. The park is located in Phoenix Park, the biggest park in the city. The park is large and is great for jogs, runs and cycling. Other beautiful parks in the city include the Tolka Valley Park, National Botanic Gardens and the few squares around the city.

Other great activities include the Comedy Club within the city, Dublin castle and the many sports clubs around the city. It is home to Leinster rugby club who play at the Aviva Stadium and to Croke park, which is the main stadium of the city, which is host to many of Gaelic sports.