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Our story

Eldron was established after its founders identified a gap in the market for a service offering impartial, informed and honest advice to those embarking on one of the most important investments that they’ll ever make.

We exist to empower the property buyer in the homebuying process. In an industry which disproportionately favours the seller, we set about establishing a company which would level the playing field, helping our customers find the perfect investment property using streamlined processes and expert guidance.

From homebuyer and investor services to property acquisitions and professional consultations, Eldron supports our customers throughout the entire process, providing bespoke market knowledge at each and every step. We have become very popular with private investors, investment funds and private individuals who want expert help in finding their next perfect property in Dublin.


Shane O’Connor, Managing Director of Eldron, created the business after years of experience in senior roles in some of Ireland’s top estate agents, including Douglas Newman Good, Savill’s and Sherry FitzGerald

Now leading Eldron as Owner and Managing Director, Shane brings industry-leading experience and market knowledge to his role, guiding customers through each stage of the property-buying process. Whether you are seeking to buy a home or to invest in property, Shane can help you find the right property, in the right place at a price which suits your budget.

“During my years as an estate agent it became obvious to me that the property market favours the seller. Buying a home is a huge investment, yet no one is incentivised to get the purchaser the best price, to steer them in the right direction or to negotiate on their behalf.”

“I saw an opportunity to champion the buyer and decided to set up my own consultancy. I love the process of finding someone the perfect property – the anticipation of the search, the potential to transform and the thrill of a successful negotiation. And, yes – there is a part of me that wants to transform perceptions and prove that buying a property can be an honest, transparent and fulfilling experience.”


HOW eldron WORKs

residential Homes in dublin

We offer a home buying service for both first time buyers, and those looking to upsize or downsize on their current property. We offer unbiased and informed advice to our clients and represent them throughout the entire purchasing process – from sourcing the perfect home, through negotiating and legalities, to handing over the keys.

By giving the client plenty of comparable information on previous property sales in the areas where they are focusing their search, we equip them with an improved knowledge of the market and help them to make informed choices about their purchase.

Having completed purchases with numerous clients, we can provide recommendations for suitable solicitors, surveyors, and tradespeople with confidence if the client does not have their own. Even after the purchase, we can oversee any renovations to the property if necessary.

Investment properties in dublin

We help both Irish and international clients to buy an investment property here in Ireland. We have an average return of 8.9% on all investment properties we have bought from the beginning to present. With a comprehensive knowledge of the buying and rental markets, Eldron Property Consultants can provide helpful insights and offer sound advice on which areas and types of property can offer the best yields.

Dublin has proved to be a prosperous city for investment property, but yields can vary considerably within its postcodes. Enlisting the help of a buyer’s agent can be an invaluable resource to have and can ensure that you make a successful investment.

With our help, once the sale has gone through we can also look after the rental side of things.

Why eldron property agency?

start to finish

From property sourcing, viewing and appraisal, right through to negotiation, representation and renovation, we support our clients through the entire process.

Going the extra mile

We focus on understanding what you want and need in a property and go to extreme lengths to find that or even more.

Industry leaders

Thanks to our industry connections and network of estate agents, we have unrivaled access to the Dublin property market. Why not contact us to have a chat about your goals.

fairly priced

We pride ourselves in offering services that cater to all budgets and requirements, with a set fee regardless of property size or cost. We are focused on delivering incredible value for our service.

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