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Want to make your vision a reality? Save the headache and have Eldron’s property experts help to ensure your renovation project is handled smoothly, every step of the way. If you are investing in a property that needs renovation, you need a representative who can advise on the best way to achieve your investment goals – as a dream home to live in or a long term investment where you aim to achieve a strong yield, or strong capital growth. 

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We know that property renovations can be personal, yet need a lot of professional attention. We have worked on many renovations throughout our years of experience, and can offer a full-service solution so your dream home is everything you envisioned, and more. Have the property experts manage the project, the budget and deliver on time without any hassle or headache for you! We worry about your property renovation, so you do not have to.

At Eldron, we can help with:

Finding a property renovation Project

Eldron can help assess, and source your property

We can listen to your requirements, give you advice, and implement your plans instantly. With our connections, we can get you ahead of the competition, find you exclusive properties, and give you an expert insight into a property’s future potential. This way, we can kick-start your Renovation project swifty and successfully.

Completing the Right Documentation

With Renovations, there is a lot of paperwork to sift through. However, we can help process all documentation on your behalf

This can be anything from essential surveys, to crucial insurance, to even warranties and planning permission. In our years of experience, we have handled it all, and can offer you full guidance and support on these to take the strain out of the Renovation process.

Sourcing renovation teams and experts

Whether it be architects, builders, or interior designers – we can connect you to the perfect people to execute your vision. Uniquely Eldron has a complete in house team of renovation experts who work exclusively on our clients projects. This allows us to insure incredible quality and timeline delivery for each renovation project undertaken.

We know there are a wealth of third-party contractors that can help with renovating a property. We can give you access to our exclusive list of connections, or liaise with your own preferences, and be the go-to contact for these.

Planning Ahead

Mapping out what to knock down first or install last is critical to the overall infrastructure and look of your property. That’s why when we help with the initial property assessments, we can instantly draw up a plan for your project, so no corner is left uncovered.

We can also schedule in the right contractors, at the right time, all on your behalf.

Overseeing until Completion

With Renovations having so many steps and stages to complete, we can advise you every step of the way. Whether you want to know about flooring options or external makeovers – we can point you in the right direction, and give you our expertise on what will sell, and what suits your vision.

Choose eldron

At Eldron, we have the credibility, expertise, connections and experience to fully oversee the entire Renovation process. The beauty of our Renovation services is that we can support you, work as a team, or deliver entirely on your behalf – the choice is yours. If our in house team cannot deliver on your very unique requirements – then we will know the best person in Dublin who can. 

For a free consultation, contact the Eldron team today.

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