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Whether you own multiple properties, rent out your property, or are wanting to undergo a housing project – at Eldron, we’re your partner for Property Management. We offer bespoke Property Management Services to suit your needs, varying from full-service, to individually tailored solutions.

We want to take the stress out of managing your property. We treat each property like our own because we have been involved in the sourcing of the investment property and placing of the tenants. With our credentials and expertise, you can trust that we can ease the strain and give you peace of mind. 

Like you, we are focused on yield and long term capital return. We can discuss your individual investment needs, assure client confidentiality and provide expert guidance or deliver a full property management service as required. 

Property Blog

Navigating the Rental Maze: The Struggles of Finding a Rental Property in Dublin
As the city continues to grow, more and more people are flocking to Dublin for education, work, and adventure. However, with this influx of people comes a significant challenge: finding a rental property in Dublin.
Renewable Energy for the Home: How to Switch
Natural resources and elements such as solar, hydro, and wind generate renewable energy. Utilising these resources reduce or eliminate our reliance on non-renewable, environmentally damaging resources such as oil and gas. The necessity to reduce our emissions and overuse of fossil fuels is imperative.
Making a Property Investment in Dublin with Eldron’s Help
Eldron's most recent investment property purchases in Dublin are achieving excellent return yields for our clients. Our Investor Service enables us to offer unbiased advice on which areas are proving to have the most potential when it comes to getting a great yield.

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