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We provide a comprehensive home buying service that caters to both first-time buyers, those seeking to upsize or downsize from their current property or overseas clients looking to make the move to Ireland. Our commitment is to offer impartial and well-informed guidance to our clients, serving as their dedicated representatives throughout the entire home buying process — from identifying the perfect property to negotiating terms, assisting with conveyancing, and ultimately handing over the keys.

We empower our clients with a wealth of comparable data on previous property sales in their desired areas, enhancing their understanding of the market and enabling them to make well-informed decisions regarding their purchase.

With a successful track record of assisting numerous clients in property acquisitions, we have the confidence to recommend suitable solicitors, surveyors, and skilled professionals in case clients do not have their own network. Furthermore, even after the purchase, we can oversee any necessary property renovations, ensuring a seamless transition into their new home.

Trying to secure your dream home? The process of acquiring a home can be quite intricate, but at Eldron, we are experts in home buying. We’re here to simplify the journey, guide you through every stage, and alleviate the complexities. Whether you want us to act on your behalf or have us assist you in the home buying process in Dublin, we’re at your service. Drawing from our experience in buying numerous homes each month in the Dublin market, you can leverage our expertise.

Our dedicated team is ready to support you throughout every phase of your home buying journey. Whether you’re in search of your dream home or your first property, we will work closely with you to create a personalised solution that addresses any challenges along the way.

At Eldron, we can help with:

Sourcing the right property

We possess an in-depth understanding of the property acquisition process, and we understand that the initial and most crucial decision you must make is defining the type of property you desire. We’re here to assist you in refining your list of requirements, offering expert guidance, and providing insights into the practicality of your search.

Leveraging our extensive experience and industry connections, we can present you with exclusive property options and a wealth of choices until we locate the ideal match. Additionally, we can handle property viewings and evaluations on your behalf, ensuring you receive a fair and impartial deal you can trust.


The due diligence process encompasses a meticulous assessment of every inch of the property. Our expertise equips us with a sharp eye for detail, enabling us to identify potential issues and hidden prospects that might elude the untrained eye. At Eldron, transparency is our top priority. We are proficient in conducting investigations, surveys, analyses, and forecasts, allowing us to provide you with comprehensive insights into the environmental, legal, and financial aspects of the property. This empowers you to make well-informed decisions you can trust.


After conducting a property valuation, we can provide you with guidance on an offer amount that aligns with your preferences while also enticing the seller. Once the terms are agreed upon, we act as your intermediary, communicating with the seller and officially submitting the offer on your behalf – alleviating your concerns.

Our aim is to secure the best value for your investment. You can place your trust in our industry knowledge and expertise to acquire the ideal property at the perfect price.


Negotiations are a standard part of the property buying process, but they can be complex. That’s why having a skilled property consultant who comprehends negotiation strategies and can manage them on your behalf is crucial. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that the most favourable outcome is attained.

Why Choose Eldron?

Eldron offers the complete package of credibility, expertise, connections, and experience to manage the entire property acquisition process. What makes our property acquisition services exceptional is the flexibility we offer: you can choose to have our support, collaborate as a team, or have us handle the process entirely on your behalf – the decision is yours. Eldron serves as your dependable and unbiased partner for property acquisition in today’s fiercely competitive market.

For a complimentary consultation, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Eldron team today.


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