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At Eldron, we are experts in property buying. We work to simplify and guide our clients throughout the course of searching for and purchasing the perfect property. Buying a home can be a very emotional process so we are here to offer unbiased, professional advice, steer you away from any potential adversities and provide clarity on the property market.

Our knowledge and understanding of the Dublin marketplace continues to grow as we purchase several properties each month for our clients. We always work with our clients’ needs in mind and strive to find them the right home that suits their search criteria and budget.

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Property Acquisition comes with many steps and tactics. Luckily, our expertise gives us the know-how to champion these, and guarantee you the best possible result. No matter what your goal is – buying a large property portfolio or buying that dream home, we can help identify the best place for you to purchase within the Dublin property market.

At Eldron, we can help with:

Finding the Perfect Property

We understand the Acquisition process inside and out. So we know the first, most important decision you need to make is determine what type of property you want. We can help you streamline your set of requirements, and give you expert advice and insights into the feasibility of your search.

With our long-standing experience and connections in the market, we can equip you with exclusive properties and endless options until we find the perfect fit. We can also view and review properties on your behalf, so you can trust us to ensure you are getting a fair, unbiased deal. 

Completing Your Due Diligence

Due Diligence involves a thorough examination of every single aspect of the property. Our experience means we have a keen eye for detail, meaning we can spot red flags and golden opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise see.

At Eldron, transparency is key. We can investigate, survey, analyse, forecast and report what the environmental, legal and financial factors of the property are, so you can make a fully informed, trusted decision. 

Making an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Once a property valuation has been done, we can advise you on an offer amount that is both suitable for you, and appealing for the seller. Once settled, we can liaise with the seller and submit an offer as your representative – so you don’t have to worry.

We want to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money, therefore you can trust our industry knowledge and expertise to get you the perfect property for the perfect price.

Negotiations and Sealing the Deal

Negotiations are a common process in Property Acquisition, however they can be tricky. Therefore, you need a Property Consultant who can understand the tactics and handle this on your behalf, so you can be rest assured that the best possible outcome is achieved.

Choose eldron

At Eldron, we have the credibility, expertise, connections and experience to fully oversee the entire Acquisition process. The beauty of our Property Acquisition services is that we can support you, work as a team, or deliver entirely on your behalf – the choice is yours.

For a free consultation, contact the Eldron team today.


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