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When you choose Eldron, you can trust us to bring your dream property project from a mere idea right through to total completion. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals bring years of industry expertise to your project, sourcing your ideal property as well as renovating it, managing it or handing the keys over if its a family home. Let us source and create the perfect home for you: it’s what we do. 

Property Construction Process

1. Buying Consultation

We provide guidance on the best areas to buy, sale prices in the area, and advice on specific properties. Our impartial advice allows you to focus your property search and make a more informed decision in your new home purchase.

4. Negotiation

We are happy to offer advice and guidance for the negotiation of your house sale, or we can represent you in the negotiation process to get you the best deal for your new home.

2. Home Sourcing

With our industry connections, we can find the perfect home that meets your needs and budget, and we can even view it on your behalf for an impartial opinion on the property.

5. Collection of Keys

If you’re buying from overseas or have a busy work schedule, our team will be happy to carry out the exchange of documents and collections of keys on your behalf.

3. Home Appraisal

We can provide a full home appraisal for you, allowing an unbiased evaluation of your prospective home, giving you peace of mind during the purchase process.

6. Project Management

Need work done on your property before moving in? Save the headache and have our expert help in ensuring the property is handed over perfectly.

When it comes to buying a home, homebuyers are often at a disadvantage. A competitive housing market, rising prices and high rental demand can make it a very difficult task to find the right house and get it to sale agreed.

We offer a range of services to help homebuyers find their perfect home in Ireland, and we are committed to delivering a hands on service to help you throughout the whole process.

Regardless of whether you just need guidance to help you focus your search more effectively, or if you’d like someone to manage the entire process for you, we can build a bespoke package to suit your exact needs, budget and timescale.

Request your free consultation with our property experts to see how we can help you find your perfect home.

Request your free consultation with our property experts

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