Property is the best form of investment, and with good reason. The return on investment can be astronomical if you do it right.

But what happens when you invest in a property and aren’t there to manage the process?

Whether you’re looking for a buy to let property as a long term investment, or a property to buy, renovate and sell, we can help you achieve the best return on your property.

We offer a range of services to help investors find a fantastic home at the best value for money.

No matter what you’re looking for in your property investment, our property experts can help you every step of the way to get the most from your investment.

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1. Buying Consultation

We advise on the areas that will provide the best yields for your budget. By working out the rental value of similar properties you are searching for, we can give informative comparables to help you narrow the search and ensure you get a worthwhile return on your investment.

5. Collection of Keys

No matter where you are based, or if your work schedule doesn’t allow, we can oversee the exchange of documents and collect the keys to your new property on your behalf.

2. Property Sourcing

With our industry connections, we can find the perfect property that meets your needs and budget, and we can even view it on your behalf for an impartial opinion on the property.

6. Project Management

If work needs to be carried out before putting the property on the market for leasing or selling, we can take care of this process and ensure the house/apartment is renovated to a proper standard. We can clean, decorate and source furniture for your property, making sure it looks perfect for any prospective tenants or buyers.

3. Property Appraisal

We can provide a full home appraisal for you, allowing an unbiased evaluation of your prospective property, giving you peace of mind during the purchase process.

7. Letting Service

In order to ensure you get the best return on your property, we can handle every aspect of property letting, from assessing the value to finding the perfect tenants at a price point that yields an excellent return.

4. Negotiation

We provide as much help during the negotiation of the property sale as you need us to. If preferred, we can represent you throughout the process and contact the sales agents directly, or we can offer guidance to ensure you get a fair price for your property.

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