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Buying a property in Ireland but wish it could be easier? Discover how to save time and potentially money on your next move by passing the hard work to a leading buyer’s agent. Our trusted service will find and present the right properties for you PLUS negotiate the best possible price and arrange the buying process, including any repairs or upgrades. 

In short: imagine a local property specialist who represents YOU…and takes the hard work out of making a new home happen for you

The local knowledge, industry expertise and negotiating skills of an Eldron buyer’s agent, combined with their management of the purchase process on your behalf, has changed the  process of home-buying beyond recognition.




Your buyer’s agent will react to your specific requirements by researching, understanding and explaining vital information about a potential area. Details such as price trends, local amenities and much more can be provided to make sure you’re informed and confident about your potential new home and community.



An initial discussion with a local property specialist will draw up a plan to match the right properties with the right budget by advising on the best way to achieve priorities like location, size and local facilities. This starts the process of being kept fully informed and supported through every stage of the purchase.



A buyer’s agent helps reduce wasted viewings by making sure the properties chosen for viewings have genuine potential and will meet your needs. Local knowledge and property know-how is used to understand the pros and cons of a property and area before viewing takes place.



The process of negotiating the best price, property inspections, repairs, dealing with solicitors and even lenders can add hard work to the task of relocating…not with Eldron. Our experienced buyer’s agents will manage the steps needed to make moving-in day a reality. Leaving you free to concentrate on your new life in a new city.

Our buyer’s agent will go above and beyond to help you through your purchase, from start to finish. Expert support, know-how and regular updates make your move an easier experience for your lifestyle and budget.


Buyers Agent Ireland – Why Use a Buyer’s Agent? 

Using a buyer’s agent can transform your experience as a home-buyer for the better. 

How? By giving expert advice, by organising the right viewings, by negotiating on your behalf AND looking after much of the hard work involved in finding, buying and organising a new home. 

So, instead of the excitement of a house move being marred by uncertainty, countless hours of searching and red tape, the thrill of a dream home is restored for you and your family by having an expert ‘manager’ in your corner through the whole process.

That’s because a buyer’s agent…. 

Takes time to analyse your needs: With a buyer’s agent working for YOU, instead of dealing solely with sellers and estate agents looking out for their clients you’ll have a buyer’s agent who’ll take time to listen to what you need. 

That means having a property specialist working hard to find the best properties to meet your essential requirements.

This approach alone completely changes the process of being a buyer as starting the process with a consultant who’ll assess what you need, and apply their expertise, saves time for you from the very beginning of your journey to a new home. 

Shortlists using local knowledge: The last time you moved, how much time did you spend on property websites, touring areas, getting opinions from others and viewing unsuitable properties?

An Eldron buyer’s agent will draw up a shortlist based around your essential requirements, add their own local expertise, and arrange viewings of properties with genuine potential to be your new home. And that’s it, no time wasted and the best options for you ready to inspect. 

Presents valuable facts: In the traditional house-buying process, buyers can make the wrong choice based on appearance alone, due to being in a rush or from trying to beat rising prices. 

Instead, a buyer’s agent will help remove emotion from finding a home by offering an expert view on the pros – and cons – of a particular property. 

This means decisions can be based on factual information and specialist guidance, leading to a better choice.

Negotiates on your behalf: When you decide to buy a property, using a buyer’s agent will show a seller that you are serious about the purchase and in a position to move.

An Eldron consultant can carry out the negotiation on your behalf. This means the experience and knowledge of the buyer’s agent, both in the property market and the property buying process, can be working hard for you to secure the best possible price. 

Is on your side: When buying a house, the buyer often has nowhere to turn for support as the sellers are, of course, looking after their own interests and their estate agents doing likewise. 

For questions, concerns or when you need advice you’ll have an expert on your side by way of your buyer’s agent.  

Will ‘sweat the small stuff’: Strangely, it’s the ‘small stuff’ home buyers can find most disruptive when they’re trying to fit a house move around their daily commitment. 

Arranging inspection certificates, organising any work needing done and much more can add up, time-wise, to be a strain during a busy time.

An Eldron buyer’s agent takes the leg-work out of house purchasing by taking on these tasks, and more, to simply make your move happen with less time pressure on you.  

Reduces legal stress: Dealing with a solicitor can, in particular, be something buyers have come to dread, especially if a sale becomes more complex as this – of course – tends to happen at the worst possible time during a move.

Eldron’s experience can help create a smoother, more efficient buying process and can take the strain of dealing with the legal side of the purchase by liaising with solicitors. 

This means one less thing to do during your move. 

Makes relocating to a new city easy: Using a buyer’s agent is even more valuable when you’re moving to a new city or even relocating to Ireland from overseas. (You’ll also find official information here). 

That’s because your time can be better spent learning about your new home, city and country instead of dealing with property red tape and purchase arrangements. 

Eldron can have your new home waiting for you, leaving you with more time to start building your new life. 

All in all, a hard-working, specialist service for busy, modern lives and a better use of your time AND money when moving. 

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