At Eldron, we believe that everyone is entitled to expert, professional representation when embarking on one of the most expensive purchases they will ever make.

Whether you’re a first time buyer looking for advice, or an investor looking for a new property opportunity, we have a wide range of services to help you find your ideal home.

It doesn’t matter if you just need some advice to get your property search on the right track, or if you need us to take the whole purchasing process off your hands; we promise a confidential, genuine and insightful service for all our clients.


It’s quite simple really. Our only motivation is a successful outcome for you.

We live and breathe property day-in-day out. We understand the art of negotiation and the tricks of the trade around agreeing a price. We don’t sell property and our fees are fixed so we’re motivated by getting the price for you, not ourselves. And we have outstanding connections with estate agents because we’ve worked in the industry.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients think.



Buying Consultation

Expert advice on the property or area you are thinking of buying in, with guidance on sale prices in the area to help you make a more informed decision.

Home Sourcing

Through our industry experience and connections, we can source the property that matches your requirements exactly, and even view it on your behalf, saving you weeks of searching.

Home Appraisal

Our property experts are on hand to provide an unbiased appraisal of your prospective home, giving you peace of mind in the purchase process.


We can provide advice & representation in the negotiation process, helping you get the best deal on your new home.


Collection of Keys

We can handle everything for you from search to completed contracts and collection of the keys.

Project Management

Getting work done on a property? Save the headache and have our expert help in ensuring the property is handed over perfectly.

Letting Service

We handle every aspect of property letting, from assessing the value to finding the perfect tenants.

Clean, Clear & Stage

Have your property prepared for your new tenants with our expert support. We can fully prepare a property for letting, from cleaning through to furniture sourcing and set up.

Looking for a beautiful home to call your own?

We’re here to help you find your perfect home, at the right price and at the right time.

Looking for maximum return on your investment property?

With over €10m invested last year alone, and an average yield of 8%, we can help you get the most from your investment.


Look at it this way; why would you hire an estate agent to sell your home, when technically you can do it yourself? You hire them because they have the knowledge, connections and experience to sell homes efficiently and effectively, achieving the best results for their clients.

We provide this exact same service, except we work for you; the buyer.

We provide a professional, bespoke service, which saves you money, time and stress when looking for your new home. We do all the legwork and research for you in a completely unbiased manner, allowing you to make an informed decision.

We also provide a range of services to help you through the entire buying process, ensuring the process runs smoothly right up until you get the keys to your new home.

Even after the keys are handed over, we can advise and assist in managing any home improvements or renovations by recommending trusted suppliers and contractors.

After the consultation, we will send you a Property Focus form and an Eldron Contract. The Focus Form indicates to us, in black in white, the top 5 criteria the buyer is looking for.

It also tells us about your budget, Sq. Footage, Number of beds, Location, Garden orientation and the amount of parking spaces you are looking for. It gives us a real grasp or the type of property you desire.

From a 5 bed house to a south facing back garden the more information put in this form the easier it is for us to refine the search.

Once all the documents are filled in and returned the property search begins.

We keep in contact with our clients the whole way through the process with regular phone calls, emails and whatsApp messages.

Once the search begins and we have found properties that suit your criteria a presentation is put together for the client. In this presentation we have all the properties and the information we have about them from comparable sales to current bids and owner expectation’s.

We also set up a WhatsApp group in the first week so it’s easy to keep in contact with each other. Any question you may have or properties you want advise on can be sent in and one of the Eldron team will answer you as soon as possible.

It’s super-fast and an easy way to keep each other in the loop.

From having worked on the opposite side of things in senior roles for some of Irelands top estate agents we have built up many trusted relationships. This allows us to get access to properties off market.

Having such an honest and genuine company ethos allows agents to see how we work here at Eldron and why we are so successful in everything we do.

Having access to these properties is a great tool to have as not many agents or buyers get access to them.

A huge helping hand is that it’s not an open bidding process which is a great bonus to help secure your property staying within your budget and a good timescale.

Your never on your own! We are with you until the keys are handed over and you’re popping open the champagne.

With having daily experience in the legal process we can assure you that once the property is sale agreed we will do everything in our power to keep the process flowing.

We can foresee any hold ups or pit falls and may be able to expedite these issues in an effort to conclude the sale as soon as possible.

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