At Eldron we believe that everyone is entitled to expert, professional representation when embarking on one of the most expensive purchases they will ever make.

As a result we have designed our services to cover all requirements and budget levels. Perhaps you are a first time buyer and need advice on where to focus your search for best value.

You may be an ex-pat looking to make a rental investment before putting down roots in Ireland.

Whether you just need to be set on the right path or need us to take the whole purchasing process off your hands we promise a confidential, genuine and insightful service.


With consultation packages starting from €250 contact us today on 01 2342455 or send us an email via the contact form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would we pay somebody when we can do it ourselves?

Fair question and for so many years in Ireland this has been the norm:

  1. Get approval
  2. Contact an agent who sells property in the area
  3. Take advice from family/friends and the Estate agent

The problem with this is “The agent” is paid by the seller to achieve the best price and therefore is not in a position to offer impartial advice. The family member and friends, generally do not have experience or market knowledge especially when it comes to the bidding process and sales process overall. Therefore typically buyers are at a disadvantage, by employing a professional you can save time, money and reduce stress as they can do all the leg work for you and help you make an informed decision.

How can Eldron find properties that are not online?

Having worked in the industry and built up a large network of negotiators throughout many of the leading firms, we are often the first port of call if a property is looking like falling through or if they have a vendor who does not wish to go to the open market. Because we deal with numerous clients who are all vetted and ready to go, there is a higher chance we will have a client to save or indeed agree a deal without marketing.

So we sign up for the initial consultation, what do we get?

This is entirely up to each client, some have a property they have their eye on and want impartial advice as to our opinion of value. Others are only starting out and want clarity as to where their budget can buy? And what type of property they can expect to purchase?

(In some cases, people have decided they cannot afford to buy in Dublin and stopped their search, in others they have changed what they thought they wanted, opted for the gold package and moved to sale agreed within 1 month ☺

If we pay for the bronze package but later opt for another package do we have to pay another deposit?

Absolutely not, everybody that signs up avails of the consultation package. We have set the company up to be as straight forward and fair as is reasonably possible. Once is enough to pay, you only pay the balance when you achieve your required result (sale agree a property that matches your requirements)

What will happen after it goes to sale agreed, am I on my own again?

Again, no our service does not stop until you receive the keys in your hand. We can recommend tried and trusted surveyors, solicitors, designers and tradesmen if required.

For those looking for an investment, for an additional fixed fee we can also prepare the property for letting and even photograph, market  and put tenants in place ☺

Typically how do we contact Eldron and discuss next steps:

This is up to each client’s preference, for the majority of our clients they prefer to use a whatsapp group. This means we can update them in real time and share links of properties as well information about previous sales or comparable bidding results. All this can be done, without them having to take time off work or spend long periods waiting to get speaking to the agent handling the sale.

Others prefer email or only converse on the telephone, we can tailor the service to suit your preference, schedule or even time zone ☺ Our work day revolves around our clients, the office may close at 6pm but with modern technology at our fingertips we can provide support throughout the day. Why not Contact Eldron Property Experts today?