Making a Property Investment in Dublin with Eldron’s Help

Eldron’s most recent investment property purchases in Dublin are achieving excellent return yields for our clients. Our Investor Service enables us to offer unbiased advice on which areas are proving to have the most potential when it comes to getting a great yield. We look at asking prices, suitability to rent, any remedial works that may need to be carried out on the property, and rental prices in the area to ensure that our clients make good investments.

When we get a new client on board, we are able to assist them through the complete process of assessing budgets, searching for properties in promising areas, negotiating the sale, to finding the right tenants. With our expert knowledge of the property and rental market in Dublin, we make sure that any property purchased through our service has excellent potential to provide a good return.

Our Recent Investment Properties

Property investment in Dublin can offer very promising results, therefore we make sure that our clients invest their money wisely to get the most of this opportunity. Take, for example, the three most recent investment properties we have purchased for our clients. They all achieve a rental value of €2,000 per month.

One is a three bedroom, end-of-terrace house in Finglas, Dublin 11. We took care of advertisements for the rental, sorted through enquiries, and organised and held viewings. We had a potential tenant within 24 hours and they moved in a week later. The house had all necessary furnishings in place for the move-in and a utility switch-over was carried out. This swift services means that our client has almost immediate access to the 10.2% yield that their property is producing.

The remaining two properties are both in Tallaght, Dublin 24. They are both 3 bedroom houses – one is terrace, the other end-of-terrace. These landlords enjoy return yields of 10.7% and 11.4% respectively. Suitable tenants were found and moved in with quick turnarounds. Furthermore, with our Property Management Service, we are always on hand to deal with any potential problems that may arise in these properties, giving our clients peace of mind.

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Areas for Investment

Where we focus our search on depends on the client’s budget and preferences, but there are certain areas of Dublin where rental returns tend to be more favourable. As can be seen from our most recent purchases, Tallaght and Finglas have had a number of promising properties on the market. The asking prices have been fitting our clients’ budgets, they are well maintained, and were owner occupied. However, we have purchased investment properties in many other areas of the city that are all generating good yields.

Of course, enlisting the help of a professional improves the chances of making a good investment. Even in the most promising areas of Dublin, there are still plenty of potential pit falls. A buyer’s agent can identify possible problems in a property that might be the cause of large repair bills in the future. They also know what the tenant is looking for in a property, so can identify the house or apartment that will attract a good interest. This means the property won’t be lying empty for months, generating no income. Therefore, to safeguard a property investment from these dangers, expert knowledge and support is always useful.

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