Alan B

“After doing some initial research, including speaking with the available Dublin-based house hunter companies, we went with Eldron based on the initial consultation we had with them – it was clear that they understood what we wanted to achieve, and were able to give us very helpful direction based on their knowledge of the market.

The property search itself went very well, with the video + voiceover format of prospective properties being very effective. Eldron also provided particularly good service and advice during the negotiation and closing phase on the property we decided to purchase.”

Ciara C

“I couldn’t possibly recommend Eldron Property Consultants more highly to any potential property buyers. Having Eldron on board made such a huge difference to what would have been a massively daunting and stressful process. Shane is an absolute expert in the field. He knows the market intimately and has a personal knowledge of the Real Estate process, which proved to be invaluable during the bidding process.

Shane is also an absolute pleasure to deal with. Extremely friendly and approachable and always available to provide sound advice and talk through my ideas and overall thoughts. He was also willing to provide constructive criticism and honest opinions throughout the process and pinpointed a number of potential pitfalls along the way. Having Shane on hand to assist with the viewing of properties, the negotiations and the bidding that followed gave me a confidence and an advantage that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I wouldn’t go through the process again without Eldron.”

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