Appraisal and Negotiation

Appraisal and Negotiation; Clients generally feel this package makes the process:

  • Less Emotional
  • Not as Stressful
  • Less time consuming

And because they have access to the process and the” Relevant information” and a “Professional Property Expert” they generally feel more comfortable with the process and decisions.

Eldron has a focus to find the Right Property, in the Right Area at the Right Price! If we feel the bidding is going past our comfort level we will advice you of the same.  A recommendation from a client is worth more to us than a quick sale.

Appraisal and Negotiation – The key to getting the best value for your purchase and long term return on investment.


You have found your perfect property – the price is a little more than your original budget – should you over stretch yourself to buy? Sounds familiar?

  • Avoid the dangers of becoming emotional when buying property
  • Remove the risk of over stretching yourself
  • Set a budget and have professional help sticking to it
  • Do you know if the investment is sound?
  • What is the future growth potential of your property?
  • Are you buying in an overvalued area?


It is important to know that an Estate Agent has not overvalued a property or a property is in an overheated location – thus representing poor value. We will ensure that does not happen to you.


Value for money is critical when buying any property -whether residential or investment as it will dictate the long term return you get from this investment. Buying in the right area – an area before it becomes hot, as opposed to buying in a hot area before it gets cold. Do you know the difference?

  • Valuations Of Position
  • Advice On Options
  • Unbiased Expert Advice
  • Representation In Negotiations
  • Less Stress
  • Less Lost Time
  • Right Property, Right Area, Right Price

If you are interesting in any of our services, book a free consultation with us to see if Eldron is the right company for you. Also, follow us on Instagram to see some of the properties we have previously purchased for clients, and to stay up to date on our work.

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