Best Homeware Stores That Won’t Break The Bank

Finding the spare cash to add the finishing touches to your property can be difficult. Here are some of the best stores in Ireland for homewear items that won’t break the bank.


An Irish staple, Penneys is famously known for its affordable fashion.

In the last number of years, Penneys’ homewear range has developed into a key aspect of the store’s attraction to customers. Beautiful bed clothes, throw pillows, and blankets are all available here. You can also find other finishing touches, such as towels, laundry hampers, candles, and photo frames.

All homewear items in Penneys are very affordable – ideal for someone who wants to finish their property on a budget.

The one downside of Penneys, however, is that you rarely come out of it with only the item you went in to get. Be prepared to get side-tracked. A lot.


Lidl and Aldi, two of the most popular grocery stores in Ireland, also stock various home appliances for a great price. These stores often carry own-brand imitations of appliances such as blenders, waffle-makers, portable grills, and slow cookers. You can pick up your home appliances and do the first grocery shop for your new house at the same time!

homewear in grocery shops

The stock for these items is often available for a limited time only, so it may be worthwhile having a look at the weekly online leaflet for news on incoming appliances. These stores also don’t provide a warranty for appliances, something which you may want to take into consideration…


Flying Tiger is a Danish variety store that stocks some of the quirkiest homewear in Ireland. It truly is a treasure-trove for the homeowner who wants something a little different in their home.

Not only is the shop very affordable, it also has a wide variety of things for sale – including spices, photo-frames, ornaments, vases, weighing scales, baking tins, shower curtains, and vinyl records.

One of the best features of the shop is the wide range of individual candles, in many different sizes and colours – great for creating some ambience in your new home!

homewear candles adding ambience


A literal one-stop-shop for all things home related, and ideal if you want to get everything sorted in one day. From bedroom furniture to kitchen appliances and garden accessories, IKEA has you covered. What’s even better is that full rooms are set up in the store to give you inspiration for your own home, meaning you can literally buy entire rooms from here.

The downside is that everything comes in flat-pack form, which can result in a stressful hour or two when you get home. But the good news is that Youtube is now full of detailed IKEA furniture assembly videos to help you along!

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