Best Property Shows to Watch When You’re Buying a House

Buying a property is stressful and it can often seem as though it is taking over your life. Why not take your mind off your own project by watching a property show? It will help to de-stress you, give you ideas, and reassure you that everything will work out in the end. 


Room to Improve is without doubt one of the best Irish property shows out there. It juggles the reality of property projects with the charisma of Dermot Bannon, and with a touch of Irish humour thrown in for good measure. The show has been running for ten seasons, and there is no sign of it slowing down. Dermot Bannon – architect extraordinaire, and self-styled “Dream Whisperer” – successfully adds wow factor to a property that answers the client’s brief, but in unusual and architecturally stunning ways. He gets the combination of good craic and brutal honesty spot-on (“This is a fairly miserable space, isn’t it?” he says to Rosie and Keith from Templeogue with a laugh), making for a very entertaining show to watch.

We would recommend watching the show with your phone in hand, checking Twitter for the hashtag #RoomtoImprove for maximum entertainment value. The laughs will be a sure-fire way to de-stress you from your own property search or project.


Phil and Kirstie (Phirstie?) are the presenters of Channel 4’s Location Location Location, a program in which they source a variety of potential properties for the client and help them strike a deal. Though in reality married to other people, Phil and Kirstie’s chemistry is undeniable. Viewers love to watch their expert property advice unfold amidst good-natured bickering and partnership.

Not only that, both Phil and Kirstie are highly experienced property professionals: Kirstie set up her first property search business in 1996, and Phil has written multiple books on property.

Location Location Location offers viewers a relatively realistic depiction of the property search process. Property requirements change, budgets are altered, and we often see offers being considered but not necessarily accepted before the end of an episode.


Breath-taking architecture and Kevin McCloud – what more could you want? Grand Designs is the perfect property show to get out of your own head and experience an awe-inspiring project. The people featured in this show are undertaking something that most people will never be able to do: constructing a completely original, totally personal, and wildly imaginative feat of architecture, serving as a family home.

If you find yourself panicking that your budget is being stretched too thin for your property search or project, watch any episode of Grand Designs and you will immediately feel better. No matter how much money you are spending on your property, it is highly unlikely that you are spending as much as the owners of the properties featured on this show.

budget reassurance with property shows

Grand Design highlights include “The Water Tower”, “The Camouflaged Artist Studio in the Hill”, and “The Eco Arch”.


Does your property need a bit of a face-lift but you can’t find the time to do it? Watch an episode of 60 Minute Makeover and see just how much it is possible to get done in a short space of time. This show is great for learning tricks of the trade, de-cluttering techniques, and for getting inspiration for interior design.

This show also provides an added bonus of feel-good factor. The property owner is secretly nominated by someone who believes they deserve a makeover for their home. When the sixty minutes are up, the reaction of the owner is often tearful and always heartwarming.

renovate your property

This show is a great motivational tool for property owners who need to spruce up their house, either for themselves or for rental purposes. If you find after watching an episode that you still don’t have the time for a property renovation, why not leave it to a professional?


RTÉ’s newest property show This Crowded House, beginning 31st October at 9:30 pm, will feature people in their 20s and 30s who are still living at home. A range of property experts (including Eldron’s very own Founder, Shane O’Connor) will assist them over the course of the four-part series to move into their own place. This show is set to be exciting and relevant, tackling the rising trend of Irish adults living at home.

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