Clean, Clear and Stage

At Eldron, we have a team available to carry out what ever work is necessary to have the property ready for occupation for you or for your new tenants.

Furniture can be sourced and collected if needed.  We help our clients as much or as little as required.

Let us deal with the small things, so you can focus on the big things in life. Eldron is at your service to take care of the most mundane part of buying and owning a property in Ireland

Eldron offers a full range of property care packages including furnishing and cleaning for tenants.


Eldron works with reputable and experienced property service companies and furnishing companies to offer a full property service.

  • Let Eldron manage every part of the property preparation process
  • Ensure suppliers are experienced and reputable
  • Save your time in warning about the small things
  • Get the best possible service providers across Ireland
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality
  • The only truly complete property preparation service on offer


Eldron can manage every aspect of your new property to save you time, money and headaches in trying to deal with unknown sub contractors. Our experience will ensure the best service at the best value – everytime.


Dealing with third party suppliers, especially ones you have never dealt with before – there is a risk that you could over pay or worse – the service or goods you do pay for are not up to the standard they should be. Leverage Eldron’s proven network of suppliers and ensure the best results for your property.

  • Proven Supplier Network
  • Fully Managed Services
  • Furniture Buying Service Available
  • Remove The Risk Of Using New Suppliers
  • Ensure Results From Providers Are Exceptional
  • Spend Money Where It Makes The Biggest Impact On ROI
  • Save Time In Finding, Managing And Dealing With Suppliers

If you are interested in any of our services, why not book a consultation to see if we suit your needs? Also, check our Instagram page to see some of our previous projects!

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