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Having the advice and guidance of a Dublin property finder can be invaluable for those who are finding the process of property buying difficult or stressful. When trying to navigate a hectic property market, it can be worthwhile to enlist the help of an expert who knows the process and can represent you throughout.


A buying agent can also be referred to as a property finder or a property search agent. This individual is responsible for acting on the client’s behalf during the process of buying a property – including sourcing a property and negotiating on behalf of the buyer.

Each agent can have different specifics to their service, but most will offer full representation and guidance throughout your purchase. They can search and shortlist suitable properties for you, attend viewings on your behalf or with you, and deal with sales agents and solicitors to take the pressure off. 

If you are buying property as an investment to lease out, then a buyer’s agent can ensure that you get a favourable yield on your purchase. Some agents also have property letting and management services where they will do a full rental appraisal, advertise the property, hold viewings, vet tenants, and manage the tenancy for you.

Whether it’s in a market that you have struggled to get anywhere in for years, or a market in a country you are looking to move to, a property finder can be a huge benefit to your search.


  • They are Experts in the Buying Process

Buying property is the domain of the property finder – it is their interest, they are qualified in it, and they are extremely experienced in it. They negotiate the purchasing of numerous properties each year, month, and week. Property finders are expertly equipped in all facets of the property market and know how to work for the best deal possible. 

Property finders also have an extensive range of contacts which may provide them with information an amateur buyer would not have access to. This includes properties which are not yet on the market, properties which are selling privately, and properties where the sale has fallen through in need a quick purchase.

Dublin property finder professional contacts
  • They know more about the Local Market

You might think that you know enough to buy a new house, but there may actually be many things you haven’t considered – and this could lead to failure in your property search.

The local property market can be confusing, and oftentimes a property finder is necessary to provide knowledge and experience relating to it. A Dublin property finder is likely more intimately aware of the local market than the buyer, and will have information on properties that have been sold recently, those that failed to sell (and the reasons why), and have in depth knowledge on local trends and levels.

Their insight in to the market can save you from copious potential pitfalls when it comes to purchasing property. They can use this information to ask the selling agent more pertinent questions regarding the history of a property and ensure you do not purchase a home that you will have to sell in 12 month’s time.

Dublin property finder information
  • They know more about the Local Area

A property finder may potentially know more about the local area than the buyer, which will be helpful when it comes to recommending professionals to help you regarding any specific matter.

Important aspects of the area which the buyer will be familiar with include: local amenities such as shopping centres, schools, crime rates, employment rates, and health services. These things may be of particular interest to families who are wishing to buy a property. 

They are also valuable to know if you are trying to purchase property from abroad. Moving to a new city or country can be daunting, but it’s always reassuring to have someone on board who knows the area, can go to viewings, and ask questions for you. Property finders will make the move to a new area much less stressful.

  • They will save you Time and Money

Searching for a property will no longer be a drain for you because you will have a property finder acting on your behalf. Your weekends and free hours will no longer be spent scouring the internet for potential properties, only to be disappointed, because you will have a professional looking after the search for you.

take back the weekend with a Dublin property finder

Even if you already have a property in mind, the buyer’s agent can assess it and see if it is worthwhile spending time to view it. With no emotional attachment to the properties, they are astute to any potential problems. This generally reduces the need for travelling to excess viewings, instead, saving only the most promising homes for the client’s consideration.


When picking your property finder, there are a couple of steps to take and some tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose an agent who has the skills and expertise to bring you the properties matching your requirements
  • Look for testimonials from previous clients to see how they found their experience dealing with the property finder
  • Enquire as to whether the property finder will be able to provide you with a list of recommendations for other professional services, such as solicitors or anything related to renovations (e.g. carpenter)
  • Let them convince you with their skills and abilities by asking them about why you should choose them over another company
  • Enquire about the rate they charge for their services

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