How to Increase the Value of your Property

Curb Appeal

First impressions are important, make sure your property grabs interest from the moment eyes are laid on it. Simple changes and updates can make a big difference to the overall look of the property and to it’s value. Consider updating an old front door with a lick of paint or replacing with a new, modern door style.

The quality and condition of your windows are a tell tale sign of how old the property is and how well it has been maintained over the years, consider repainting windows to freshen up or update to more modern fittings with double glazing. At an extra expense there are now a wide variety of window options, full wall length windows or windows with dropped ledges or interesting shape and placement are more attractive and bring more light into the house.

Extra Parking

Having to park your cars on the street is a safety concern for some people and can cause a hassle when having guests over. An easy solution is to create parking spaces on the property. Most houses have some form of front garden that would serve a better purpose as parking spaces than the unused patch of lawn or shrubs. Consider paving stones or a simple tarmac finish, done tastefully this can only increase the appeal and value of your home. Go a step further if you have space and build a garage.

Improve your EPC rating

Energy Performance Certificates are necessary by law when selling a property and will certainly become of more importance and focus point of property selling in Northern Ireland in the coming years. Depending on how energy efficient your home is, it will receive a score and a rating from A-G, A being most efficient. Small changes and updates to the integral systems in the property can increase your rating massively. Although some of these tasks can be on the more expensive side, it’s worth it for the extra money saved on heating and electricity bills.

Updating old windows to double glazing will not only improve your homes EPC but it can reduce noise too, as previously mentioned, there are many options for windows that will not only benefit EPC rating but will improve the overall look of your property.

Older properties may not have the correct loft and wall insulation and updating these to regulation will also improve your EPC rating. Upgrading your heating systems, either by replacing your old boiler with a more energy efficient one, changing from oil to gas heating or adding secondary heating sources will give greater fuel efficiency and reduce costs in the long run as well as looking good.

There are ECO Government Schemes that will contribute to some these changes if you qualify under their criteria.


A little work in your garden can go a long way, especially if you only have a small space to work with. The main selling feature of a garden is that it has been well maintained, is clean and tidy, lawns are maintained, weeds are banished and if there are shrubs and plants that these have been preened and looked after and any tiles and decking have been kept clean. Cheap and simple alterations can really transform a space, add colourful plants and flowers, add stones or bark for different textures.

Privacy is most important when it comes to your garden space, this is easily achieved by adding tree’s or fencing. Make the most of the space you have and if possible, create distinct areas such as seating area, BBQ area and lawn area.  At a higher price point, consider adding a decked patio or having a landscaper come and do it all for you.


For most people, the kitchen will be the most important room in the house so as far as internal room improvement goes, the kitchen is a good place to start. Making small modest changes, like anything, can have a big impact on overall look of your kitchen, repainting walls or cabinets will change the whole feel.  In older, dated houses more extreme measures such as new floors, appliances and kitchen fittings may be required. Keep space and light in mind in any room change and ensure the changes you are making are tasteful and will make the most of the space you have.


Bathrooms are another important room in the home that increase value with the quality and quantity in a property. A bathroom needs to be clean, fresh and hygienic looking. Update cracked or dated sanitary wear with a simple white set that won’t have you breaking the bank. Again, fresh paint or tiles will have a strong visual impact and help increase the appeal of the room. Stick to neutrals and keep it bright. If you are remodelling your bathrooms, consider the layout, where possible, keep everything in place as moving pipes and connections can be pricey. Finding space to add a W/C downstairs will add a lot of value to your home as will creating en suites for bedrooms.


Have you a basement or attic space that is unused and wasted? The addition of extra bedrooms or reception rooms is always a worth while addition to any property. If you are creating extra bedroom space, consider adding a w/c or en suite so each floor with bedrooms has a bathroom. Check with the relevant planning authorities before you begin any works.


Definitely the most expensive of alterations but in some cases, an extension is necessary to create more space in a home. May it be for growing families or for the sole purpose of adding value to a property.

A simple way of increasing the space in your property is to create open plan spaces. Normally between the kitchen and living or dining areas there are walls that can be removed to give the illusion of a larger space while adding a contemporary edge.

Most extensions will be done on the beloved kitchen space, either extend into the side alley of the property or take it further back into the garden. Another popular extension addition is the extra bathrooms previously mentioned or an extra bedroom. The addition of a sun room or conservatory can be done without breaking the bank, these are excellent for allowing extra light and space in the house but it’s important that they are in keeping with the house style and don’t look like an after thought.

If you are considering making alterations to your home or have recently purchased a ‘project property’ get in touch with Eldron and we will project manage the entire operation for you and give advice on what changes will have the best impact on your property value.