Why Are So Many Irish Expats Choosing To Return Home?

Our Managing Director discusses the challenges of relocating to Ireland and how Eldron can help.

The Central Statistics Office states that in the year ending April 2017, an estimated 27,400 Irish natives returned home. The period of highest emigration of Irish nationals in recent years took place in 2013, when 50,900 are estimated to have left the country. So why are so many Irish expats coming home? 


One of the main push factors for Irish emigration was the lack of employment in the country. This followed the economic crash in 2008. This forced many people – particularly young, newly qualified and highly skilled people – to leave for places where they would be more likely to find a well-paying job. In February 2012, the unemployment rate in Ireland was as high as 15.1%, and this was reflected in the emigration of 46,500 Irish nationals that year.

Now, as of September 2017, unemployment has dropped to 6.1%. More jobs in Ireland have resulted in a return of Irish expats to Ireland. According to the CSO, 27,400 Irish natives returned home between April 2016 and April 2017.

The relocation and expansion of MNCs on Irish soil have increased employment opportunities. Google announced 400 new jobs in Dublin, PwC are recruiting 300 graduates, and Microsoft have announced 200 jobs. Irish companies are also creating highly-skilled jobs and enticing expats to return home.

employment as a reason for expats' return


Though technological advances, such as Skype and FaceTime, have made familial separation somewhat more bearable, the desire to see family members is still one of the dominant motivators for returning expats. Long-haul flights are expensive and often impractical for older relatives to undertake. That can make the period of time between one family visit and another can be incredibly long.

The decision to emigrate usually takes place when a person is in their mid-twenties. However, once they have established themselves abroad in terms of finance and career, some decide to return home to begin a family. For many Irish people, there really is no place like home. As such, many expats take the upbringing of their children into consideration when thinking about returning to Ireland. It is  not unreasonable that Irish emigrants would want their children to grow up surrounded by family and Irish culture.

Education also plays a large part in the decision to return home. Education in Ireland is free (apart from the annual registration fee for third-level institutions, and providing you meet the specified requirements), while third-level education in other countries can be expensive. By moving back to Ireland, former expats are ensuring that their children will have the opportunity to progress in education. This in regardless of their socio-economic status.


The stress and time associated with emigrating to places such as America, Australia, or America, is enough to deter people from ever wanting to make such a big move again. However, for people who do decide to return home to Ireland, there are companies that can make the process so much more easier.

Finding a place to live is one of the biggest worries when returning home.  However, buyers’ agencies like Eldron can help with that. We can source properties for you based on your requirements. We will provide you with virtual tours, and carry out the necessary inspections. Negotiating can be done on our behalf. We will also provide you with other professional contacts to help with the process (such as property law experts) and advise on financial issues and mortgage brokers.

If you decide that you are not yet ready to return to Ireland but want to invest in a property first, Eldron will manage the letting phase. We will manage every part of the process for you. This include sources the best tenants, managing renovations and the other day-to-day tasks. We will carry our any inspections, collect any rent and even deal with tenant complaints for you. In short, Eldron is a company that can help you return to Ireland in an easier, more efficient way. If you want to find out how we can help Irish expats come home, click here.

helping expats to return home

Many Irish expats are deciding to return home to Ireland, for reasons including jobs, family, and education. Moving home is easier than it used to be. Why not contact Eldron and see how we can help you?

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