Professional Methods for Sourcing Property

Property sourcing is the process of finding the right property, in the right area, and at the right price for the client. Sourcing property is not an easy task, but a buying agent can provide you with expert advice on this process.


This is the process of making informed and experienced decisions in order to settle on the right property. This may include properties that are not even on the open market yet, but which a buyer agent may have access to thanks to  professional contacts.

Sourcing the right property for the client should involve an evaluation of the pros and cons of various properties, according to the needs and requests of the buyer. At Eldron, we focus the property search according to the specifications communicated to us by our clients. We take the information we receive and provide the buyer with the best properties possible.

taking notes on sourcing property

Sourcing property can be a full-time job that requires a huge amount of time

and effort. Why not leave this task to someone who does do it as a full time job? With the help of an experienced company, you can still enjoy your daily routine and work life without the stress of looking for a property on your own.

sourcing property is time consuming


Once a potential property has been found, the next essential step is the property appraisal.

This is considered an important phase of the buying process for buyers who are seeking a mortgage for their property. Mortgage lenders require an appraisal of a property before the funds to buy it are provided. This is to ensure that the cost of the property does not exceed the value.

In order to make the buying process that much easier, Eldron also provides an appraisal service.



The final stage of the buying process is negotiating the price of the property. The negotiation stage is crucial as it helps to ensure that the deal does not reach a stalemate. This is why it may be a good idea to hire a professional to negotiate on your behalf and agree the best deal for the buyer.

Things which may also be negotiated upon in this phase include closing costs (the amount of money that the lender holds in escrow for items like taxes and insurance), and the closing date. The  closing date can be an important point in the negotiation process because the buyer might want to delay the next month’s mortgage payment by arranging the closing date for the beginning of the month.

closing date and sourcing property

Home warranty may also be negotiated if certain appliances are to be included in the sale of a property.

The process of finding and buying a new property is not an easy one, and this is the reason that companies such as Eldron can be indispensable to property buyers.

If you are interested in any of Eldron’s services, book a free consultation with us to see if we are the right property for you. Also, have a look at our Instagram page to see some of the properties we have sourced for previous clients.

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