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There are numerous benefits to availing of Eldron’s Letting & Property Management Services. Whether you live in Ireland or abroad, it can be convenient to both the landlord and the tenant to have a contact close by who is on hand to deal with the property. For the landlord, having a qualified property expert available can help to get the most from an investment property. Here’s a rundown of some of the aspects to our Property Management Service:

  • Valuation of property’s rental value
  • Advertising and holding viewings
  • Obtaining and checking prospective tenants’ references
  • Handling the move-in, handing over keys, completing inventory
  • Writing up tenancy agreements
  • Available to be contacted by phone or email
  • Handle RTB registrations and HAP correspondence
  • Send out client statements on a monthly basis

Getting the Property on the Market

Firstly, whether the house/apartment needs minor work, or renovations on a larger scale, we can help. We have project managed entire renovations to our rental properties to make sure they are up to standard. Conversely, for properties with less work needed, our team has staged them to make sure they are welcoming and appealing during viewings.

Once the work has been completed on the property and it is ready to be rented out, we assess its rental value. We do this in line with the current market, but also to ensure that the landlord is getting a favourable yield on their property.

Finding the Right Tenants & the Move-In

When the property is ready, we upload advertisements for the letting and take messages and queries from prospective tenants. We arrange viewings for them and are there to answer any questions they may have about the locality or the property. We also get references from them and, once they are confirmed, we send them on to the landlord as a suggestion for their approval. Ultimately, we like to get the final approval on tenants from the landlord to ensure that they are happy with the tenancy put in place in their property.

Before the new tenants move in, we can take an inventory and include it in the Tenancy Agreement if requested. This gives everyone a good reminder of how the property looked at the beginning of the lease.

We write up a Tenancy Agreement for the lease with the appropriate information and regulations. We are present during the move in to have the Tenancy Agreement filled in and signed, ensure the deposit has been paid, and to hand over the keys. We then send on a copy of the completed Agreement to the landlord for their records.


Tenancy Management

We are contactable by phone or through our dedicated email for rental properties. This means the tenants do not have to worry about time zones, or can easily request that we inspect something in the property with little planning required.

If something does go wrong in the property, we have contacts with various tradespeople and supply stores who can offer rapid help to fix the problem. We organise the delivery and installation of items and can arrange access to certain properties in order to provide a swift solution to the problem.

At Eldron, our property management services also include any necessary correspondence with the Homeless Assistance Payment (HAP) scheme throughout the tenancy. If HAP should identify any mandatory changes to be made to the property during their inspections, we can arrange a meeting or video call with the client to go over these requirements and organise the appropriate repairs. We also take care of the registration of tenancies with the Residential Tenancies Board to assure full compliancy.

During the tenancy, we send out monthly client statements to landlords. These include any deductions from the rent for management fees, repairs, appliances, etc., along with the total amount paid into your account. We are always on hand to answer questions about these statements.

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As always, we tailor our Property Management Services to whatever is necessary for each client, so contact us by booking a free consultation to see what we can offer you. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated on our work, and why not read our articles on our Letting and Property Management services?

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