Property Project Management: The Key Steps

After buying a property, owners may be eager to start work on their new property right away. Property project management mainly focuses on providing support and recommendations  in order to complete the project professionally and on time.


Property project management tasks can include anything from obtaining quotes to liaising with designers, architects and tradesmen, or even negotiating terms on behalf of the owner.

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The first stage is the initiation stage in which the property project management team will collaborate. Strategies and  ideas will be examined through this phase in order to determine whether or not they will benefit the owner. This is how  the team will decide whether a plan will work or will need to be changed.

property project management


The planning stage of property project management is a product of the team collaborating on different ideas. The chosen idea will now be developed and the team will outline the work to be completed. This is an important part of the project as it includes the calculation of the budget and the schedule.


At this stage each person involved in the project management will be aware of the responsibilities that he/she are to conduct. The main physical work is carried out in this phase.

executing property project management


The schedule and budget drawn up in the planning stage will be constantly referred to throughout the project. The progress of the project will be monitored by the project manager. At this phase, project managers may realise that an adjustment to the plan and schedule may be required in order to keep the project on track.


This is the end point of the project. The company hands the property over to the owner with all changes and work completed. At this point, the owner should approve the final work and make sure that everything has been done as planned and agreed upon. When the project management team closes the project, they usually make an evaluation in order to highlight the successes they have managed in order learn from the project as a whole.

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