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Relocating to Dublin but wish it could be easier? Discover how to save time and potentially money on your next move by passing the hard work to a leading buyer’s agent. Our trusted service will find and present the right properties for you PLUS negotiate the best possible price and arrange the buying process, including any repairs or upgrades. 

In short: imagine a local property specialist who represents YOU…and takes the hard work out of moving to Ireland.

The local knowledge, industry expertise and negotiating skills of an Eldron buyer’s agent, combined with their management of the purchase process on your behalf, has changed the  process of home-buying beyond recognition.




Your buyer’s agent will react to your specific requirements by researching, understanding and explaining vital information about a potential area. Details such as price trends, local amenities and much more can be provided to make sure you’re informed and confident about your potential new home and community.



An initial discussion with a local property specialist will draw up a plan to match the right properties with the right budget by advising on the best way to achieve priorities like location, size and local facilities. This starts the process of being kept fully informed and supported through every stage of the purchase.



A buyer’s agent helps reduce wasted viewings by making sure the properties chosen for viewings have genuine potential and will meet your needs. Local knowledge and property know-how is used to understand the pros and cons of a property and area before viewing takes place.



The process of negotiating the best price, property inspections, repairs, dealing with solicitors and even lenders can add hard work to the task of relocating…not with Eldron. Our experienced buyer’s agents will manage the steps needed to make moving-in day a reality. Leaving you free to concentrate on your new life in a new city.

Our Dublin buyer’s agent will go above and beyond to help you through your purchase, from start to finish. Expert support, know-how and regular updates make your move an easier experience for your lifestyle and budget.


Relocating to Dublin – Essential Tips for a New Life in Dublin

Relocating to Dublin? We’ve helped countless people find and buy their perfect home in Ireland’s stunning capital city.  

That’s because we’re a leading ‘buyer’s agency’, meaning we use local knowledge and property industry know-how to help our clients by not just finding their perfect home but organising viewings, negotiating the best price and making the purchase happen. 

We asked some of our recent buyers to explain the advice they found to be the most valuable for their move to Dublin. 

They told us… 

Take time to find your way – If you’re relocating to Dublin, leaving a little extra time to travel around the city for the sake of travelling around the city gives a chance to get used to moving around the city before your first Monday morning rush. 

For example: you might be used to Uber, or other apps, in your previous home city but in Dublin ‘myTaxi’ tends to rule the roost. 

The DART – Dublin Area Rapid Transit – electric rail system is a quick way of moving around Dublin while the Luas tram covers two lines. A bus system also covers a large area of the city. 

You’ll also want to check out the walks, cycle lanes and traffic conditions in your new area depending how you plan to travel, both for work and leisure. 

Ultimately, the location you choose in Dublin should be based around your transport preferences and needs. Using a buyer’s agent to advise and represent you through the purchase process means you’ll have local guidance to pick the right area to make sure you can move around Dublin as easily as possible. 

Look beyond the city limits! – New arrivals to Dublin, especially from London or the United States, might not immediately grasp just how close they now are to stunning coastal areas and picture postcard sights across Ireland. 

A rail connection with take you to some magnificent Irish cites including Cork 

The city of Belfast, fast becoming a tourism destination of choice following an upsurge in popularity in recent years, is a short train journey away and also gives access to hire car adventures across the north of the island.  

For longer breaks, a tour of the breath-taking Wild Atlantic Way – a network of roads and destinations on the West and South coasts – will really bring home the depth of the scenic riches on offer.  

For budget planning, think local – Property in Dublin is undeniably expensive but the living in the city means access to a thriving, major European jobs market with many global companies represented.  

For your living cost In Dublin, taking time to outline your regular outgoings, using the latest online prices, will avoid assumptions and give a clear view of how far your salary will stretch. 

The home you choose will, of course, be based heavily around budget. Using a buyer’s agent – a company with local knowledge who’ll represent you in the house sourcing and purchase process – will mean advice on the right location, property and price for your budget. 

Start at the beginning – Since Ireland is built on its history, new arrivals have told us they benefited hugely from getting a grasp of Ireland’s history through the local tours and places you’ll now find on your doorstep. 

A tip? To dip into the mythology and folklore of Ireland try Dublin’s National Leprechaun Museum, an attraction based around storytelling with a unique twist in Ireland’s past. 

Ultimately, when we ask newly arrived clients for their living in Dublin pros and cons, we’re proud to say any negatives many other people can find when moving to the city – especially, property cost and demand – were greatly reduced thanks to the local knowledge, contacts and negotiating power of Eldron’s specialist buyer’s agents. 

That’s because relocating to Dublin can be made MUCH easier with the know-how of a buyer’s agent, leaving you with more time to plan your new life in Ireland’s celebrated capital city. 

For more general tips on relocating to Ireland and the Irish government systems, North and South – including tax, visas, health and more – see our overview here. 

Questions about how our buyer’s agent service can make your new home happen with ease (and less expense)? Simply ask for a free overview from one of our specialist buyer’s agents. 

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