Sourcing Appraisal Negotiation

Appraisal Negotiation– Through contacts, experience and a clear focus we can source the property that is right for you. We create a clear focus with you of your requirements and then work tirelessly to achieve your goal.
We do this full time so you don’t have to, we regularly tell clients:
“You do what you do best, and we will do the same”
The average time that clients opting for this package move to “sale agreed” is less than 6 weeks! One lucky client moved to sale agreed within one week due to access to an off market listing!

Sourcing, Appraisal and Negotiation – Let Eldron do all the heavy lifting for you – we find, value and negotiate the sale for you.


Why not take advantage of Eldron’s total care package – we will Source, Appraise and Negotiate your property purchase – removing all the pain points for you:

  • Remove the headache and hassle from the whole process
  • A full time Property Expert representing your best interests
  • Speed up the entire process from start to keys
  • No dealing with Estate Agents – we handle all of this
  • Remove the stress and pressure involved in buying property
  • Have an unfair advantage by using Eldron Property Experts


We work with you to understand your goals and requirements and help define exactly what you need to maximise your investment in property.


If you’re buying a home or an investment property – the investment can be considerable. Smart buyers will use all the available information and support available to ensure they make the best decision for long term growth and return on investment. Hence Eldron should be a support that you should use to maximise your investment.

  • Improve Your Knowledge In The Local Property Market Via Eldron
  • Have a Property Professional Representing Your Best Interests
  • Reduce The Risk Of Becoming Emotional 
  • Save Your Valuable Time
  • Secure The Best Investment Possible
  • From Start to Keys Much Faster Than Alone
  • Fact Based Decision Making

If you are looking to purchase property and are interested in benefiting from the help of a buyer’s agent, book a free consultation with us to see if Eldron is the right company for your needs.

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