Staging Your Home for Viewings

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions are everything. Home Staging puts a focus on your potential buyers and how the house will look through their eyes. By making a few simple tweaks and changes you will massively increase your chance of a quick sale.

Spotless and Fresh

This is not a drill! Really clean your house from top to bottom. Clean all floors, windows and remove marks and scuffs off walls and floors. Kitchen and bathrooms need to be especially fresh and hygienic. In your kitchen wipe down all counters and surfaces, clean sinks and taps, clear out, clean and organise your cupboards, fridge and cooker. Viewers will look through these to gauge storage space.  Put away any appliances, dishes, cookbooks etc. to emphasise the available workspace. In your bathrooms, remove traces of mould and limescale, touch up stained grout with a grout pen, clear your drains and give all surfaces, light fittings and mirrors a thorough clean.


Remove everything off the floor, surfaces and work benches. Either throw the clutter away (less things to pack when you are leaving) or store it neatly out of sight. Don’t just throw it in cupboards, as mentioned, viewers will likely be opening cupboards and drawers for a nosey. Put away any magazines, collections, toys and souvenirs that you may have and if you have pets, remove all traces of them. Not everybody likes animals so ensure your pets’ hairs and odours aren’t lingering in the house and have them away from the property during viewings.

Consider your furniture and the effect it has on a room, if anything sticks out to you as displeasing to the eye or is dominating a room in a bad way, remove it. This ensures you are showing off the features in your house and not the things, which viewers won’t care about.

Inspect Floors

Ensure your carpets and tiles are spotlessly clean. If they are worn and tired, seriously consider replacing them, it’s just one more thing to add to a list of changes the viewers will want to make. Consider tinting or waxing your wooden floor boards. If you have any lose carpet corners, make sure these are fixed.

Adding a rug can make any room instantly more welcoming and homely. But get the wrong size and it will make the room look smaller. Play around with different shapes, sizes and textures.

It’s wise to get a sturdy doormat, it’s welcoming but also saves viewers trotting dirt around your clean floors!

Neutral Colours

Not everybody will have the same taste in interiors. For home staging, your safest bet is refreshing your walls with warm, sophisticated neutrals. It allows viewers to see a blank canvas and imagine their own possibilities.

Fix Light Bulbs

You may not notice the dodgey spotlight bulb in your kitchen, but your viewers definitely will. Test all your lights and lamps and replace any blown bulbs.


For viewings, have all the doors in your house open. This makes prospective buyers feel welcome and free to wander your home. Touch up paint on your doors if necessary and make sure they all open and close with ease.

Make The Beds

Your bedroom should be inviting and peaceful. Clear any mess and all surfaces. Make your bed desirable, add a throw and some decorative cushions or extra pillows.


Have fresh flowers and candles lit in anticipation for arrivals. Consider mirrors to make your rooms look larger and remove all personal photos. You want viewers to imagine themselves living here, not you. 

You want your viewers to imagine their life in your house. It’s important to depersonalise without making it seem cold and unlived in. They will envision their lives through how your rooms are staged. Make sure every room gives the feeling it is supposed to.

If you are selling your home and are interested in home staging for brochure photos or viewings, contact us and we will be happy to help!

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