Where does Dublin rank to live with the rest of Europe?

Ranking a city around the world can be a very difficult thing to do. You need to take into consideration living expenses, safety, what you can do, job prospects and much more. Other factors you need to take into consideration include education, including schooling and further education, weather and transport. Compiling all of these factors can be quite difficult, but it is all information that can improve the cities ranking around the World.

There are man different surveys that are made from around the World that rank cities for specific details. Here we will lay it all out and you will love it.

Where Dublin ranks at Eldron

Here at Eldron, we love our ‘Dooblin’ (Dublin). We obviously would rank our capital the best city in the world not just Europe. All the factors of our great city such as the nightlife, the City Centre, sports and attractions, make a city you just can not love. round the world Dublin is one of the top 20 most reputable cities.

We love a good Guiness or Whisky on a night out. We love our sports especially our rugby and Gaelic sports. And you can’t forget about the great bars and clubs around the city. But all this does not help you want to move to Dublin as it doesn’t show the complete rank of the city, its just our personal preference.

One of the most helpful resources is the EDCi, The European Digital City index. It was last completed in 2016, so there are some variables between then and now.

Dublin Hapenny Bridge


Living in Dublin

The most important of ranking in a city is the living ranking. This ranking takes into account all the other rankings including job rankings and financial ranking. This is because every part of your life makes up your life.  In 2016 the EDCi ranked Dublin 42 out of 60 European cities for Lifestyle. This took into account the standard of living (42/60) in the city and the culture (24/60). Realistically that would mean Dublin would rank 33rd out of 60 if we average it out.

2016 was a long time ago and a lot of thins have changed around the city, that would increase this ranking. The city is full of culture, especially its nightlife with the Temple Bar District being a must see if you are ever in the city. With many traditional bars and pubs around the city that are always full of life, your nights out will never be the same.

There are also many attractions and the city including the famous Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Castle, Jamesons Distillery, Ha’Penny Bridge and Trinity college. The Zoo is also a must see. All these attractions plus more make the city a great place to live, with many things to do for all of the family. Take the kids to the zoo during the day and then treat yourself to a relaxing Guinness in one of the great bars.

The one massive downfall to Dublin and is quite damaging to its living ranking is its housing crisis. This pulls the living rank within the city down by a lot of numbers. That is why we are here to help you out.

Overall the city is a wonderful place to be, and finding a perfect home is not as difficult as our may think, especially with our help.

Dublin’s Job Market

Ireland and in particular has a growing job market. Ever since the economy collapse of 2008, Ireland’s job market has increased in size, in particular the pharmaceuticals, food products, technology and ICT sectors. Many massive companies such as Apple, Google, IBM and Microsoft have chosen to settle in Ireland instead of the rest of Europe.

In some sectors within Ireland there are job shortages. In particular the Business, Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Hospitality and transport sectors are suffering in terms of the amount of workers they need. Therefore if you are skill based in any of these sectors, finding a job in Dublin might be a little easier for you. During the summer months, finding a temporary job might be easier to the increase in tourism. Jobs involving working at theme parks or near beaches might be right up your alley.

It is easy to apply to jobs in Ireland/Dublin. All you need to do is find jobs on some of the many websites available online.


Dublin’s European Financial Ranking

With the rise in the Job market in Ireland, it is only inevitable that Ireland also has good financial status. From 2017-2018 the Irish economy has grew by over 7% and it seems like it will continue to grow, only not as much. The unemployment rate in Ireland has also continued to drop since the economy crash in 2008 and is at its lowest rates since 2007 and the minimum wage has had a steady incline. Ireland would rank as one of Europe’s top and healthiest economies.

Activities in Dublin- Guinness


Overall, we would rank Ireland/Dublin as one of the best places in Europe to live. But we will always rank Ireland as our number 1 spot. In terms of everything you can do in Ireland and the job prospects especially in certain sectors. For job prospects in the ICT and Technology sectors, Ireland ranks as a top place to work in these sectors. Due to many big companies operating throughout the city of Dublin.

Ireland as a country would rank within Europe’s top 10 countries to live in and work within.Usually many countries would rank really well in one part of the country such as their economy or job prospects but would drop within other places. Ireland does not have this which makes it an ideal place to live.