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A Dublin buying agent can make the process of finding a new property easier and less stressful. These professionals do the leg-work involved in a property search, allowing the client to enjoy the experience of finding a new property. 

Beginning with an initial interview with the client to determine what kind of property is desired, a Dublin buying agent will then proceed to source potential properties and give expert advice. The agent will negotiate on the buyer’s behalf, carry out the necessary appraisals and inspections on the property before the sale is agreed, and recommend solicitors, etc., for the legal aspects of the sale. If the buyer decides to rent the property, some buying agents also provide property management services to make the leasing experience easier on the landlord.

mortgages and appraising property


Buying agents are also referred to as property search agents or purchasing agents, and can work both for a company or independently. Buying agents work on behalf of their clients, conducting the necessary phases of the buying process while remaining in continuous contact with the buyer in order to keep them informed.


Some qualities of a good property search agent include:


It is very important that a buying agent be able to adapt to the client he/she is dealing with. The agent should always know the best method and the most convenient way of dealing and communicating with that client, and recognise that the client has employed his/her services in order to make the whole process easier for them.

All clients are different and prefer different methods of contact. Phone calls, emails, text messages, and What’s Apps, are all ways of communicating and a buying agent should use the method preferred by the client.


It is vital that a property search consultant is a communicator. The buyer will want to receive regular updates  on the buying process and will want to be clear on what the current situation is.

communication and Dublin buying agents


A Dublin buying agent should have excellent listening skills. It is important that the input and concerns of the client are heard and understood by the agent. It is the buyer’s needs and requests which are pivotal to the property search, and, so, they should always be respected and listened to by the expert.


The buying agent should be aware of the client’s time frame and do his/her best to adhere to this. This is an important aspect of the search because the agent should act accordingly if the client is in a hurry to find a property, or if they would prefer to take their time and consider multiple options.

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One of the most important qualities of a good search agent is being proactive. A proactive agent should

  • contact their clients with frequent updates
  • be constantly searching for the right property
  • be in contact with other property professionals who may provide information regarding properties which are not yet on the market
  • prepare for any foreseen difficulties relating to the buying process


  • Reducing the client’s stress in regards to the buying process, by utilising expert knowledge and experience
  • A Dublin buying agent may be aware of properties which are not yet in the market
  • They conduct the entire search on the buyer’s behalf. They go and check the properties. They do the research regarding the property and the area
  • A Dublin buying agent also undertake any bargaining needed when it comes to the price
  • They also provide recommendations related to the legal aspect of the sale, and also other service providers such as carpenters and plumbers, etc.

Dublin buying agent recommending carpenters

Ultimately, property search agents save the buyer time, money, and effort. The buyer will be able to go on with his/her regular life while the buying agent is busy finding the perfect property.

Buying agents save time, money, and effort – but they also bring experience, advice, and recommendations to the property search. It is important that buyers recognise the qualities of a good buying agent before deciding to on a company to go with. 

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